Momentous Eventus: Counting your Blessings Edition

"We are all In the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde.

Minus the masks and the fear and the death, there’s a lot to be thankful for in Portugal recently. For instance, the country won five medals in the Tokyo Olympics, including its fifth gold one ever. And the national curfew, for now, remains lifted, allowing countless Lisbon locals to be on the streets until the wee hours of the morning celebrating life. Also, the city is crawling with tourists again, which does have its benefits, economy-wise. The French, however, are getting away with bloody murder, but that’s another story… Anyway, If you, too, want to celebrate life while you still can, here are some cultural things you can do around Lisbon in the next few days (and nights).

This weekend sees the closing of Jazz Em Agosto 2021, which means six more concerts by local champions of the genre, Friday through Sunday, at 5€ each.

CINEMA (Aug 6-24):
Some of the better things to come out of South Korea in recent decades are the films of Bong Joon Ho, and Cinema Medeia Nimas is presenting a bunch of them through most of August for 8€ each.


Local multimedia artist Rodrigo Gomes put up a bunch of statues in Carpintarias de São Lázaro recently that “can be constituted in the exhibition space as organic realities independent of their viewer, developing their own modes of existence and visibility,” but you can still check them out for 2€ for the next two months.

Self-defined as “a concept that is based on the active search of the rastafari experience,” Ruberta Roots Band comes to Casa do Capitão this Saturday eve, and you can take an active part in the search too, or just ward off the ‘rona blues with some old-school reggae, for 8€.

METEOR SHOWER (Aug 11-13):
And, finally, this one’s local galactically-speaking, but Lisbon and its surroundings have some great spots to check out the upcoming Perseids Meteor Shower. And, since the new curfew hasn’t been introduced yet, you can grab a friend, a bottle of wine, stay up late, head to the beach, and wonder what it’s all really about next Wednesday through Friday night, free of charge.

To see what else is on, check out our full calendar of events here. And if you feel those ‘rona blues start creeping up again, remember what Oscar Wilde said, keep your head up, and try not to kill any pigeons. And, as always, stay safe, and stay sane.

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