Momentous Eventus: Curfew Nuttiness Edition

Cultural life in Portugal goes on, people! Art, music, and new tricks for old dogs too!

The collective subconscious shift (or whatever) brought on by eight months of you know what is starting to show, and not in a good way. Here in Lisbon, if you pay attention, you can see it best in people’s eyes during the hour before the latest curfew on any given day. It’s quite terrifying…

Still, there’s a lot to be thankful for, for most of us, so before you ponder eating a fellow human being’s face just to cope, consider some alternatives in our full calendar of events. And here’s some cool stuff that’s still on for the next week or so, inevitable new restrictions pending*.


Local artist Mario Duarte “streaked with ink and meditated on the line” during the quarantine. The result is his solo exhibit The Isolation Created Feathers, at Prisma, Nov. 20- 24.

Local artist Thomas Mendonça, on the other hand, “died of emptiness” with the pandemic, and this resulted in his solo painting exhibit Daughters of Boredom. That’s up now and through early next year, in theory.

InShadow, aka Lisbon ScreenDance Festival, “explores interdisciplinary atmospheres through aesthetic solutions and technical representation of the body on screen, on stage, and in other platforms.” It takes place in various locations around town for the next few weeks.

And in her multimedia, very relevantly titled solo show The Space Between Us, local artist Rosanna Helena Bach explores the equally relevant topic of magical realism. She describes it as “a translucent, white and grey area where mindful observations of nature coexist with mystical dreams.” It’s pretty impressive, and it’s up until Dec. 5, also in theory.


This Sunday, Nov. 22, right before the curfew you can go learn what makes Madonna different from the locals with Lisboa Musical — a two-and-a-half-hour walking “tour” (the organizers emphasize the quotation marks around “tour” repeatedly) through the city’s musically historical streets. And pay attention to people’s eyes towards the end of it…


For the next four Tuesdays, for 45 bucks (total), you can learn to paint like dead artists Kandinsky, Klee, and Lohte with living Argentinian artist and teacher Micaela Jarast in the Tuesdays at Má Língua workshop. In these two-hour sessions, Micaela will be taking you through exercises on color, composition, and drawing, and no previous experience is necessary. However, space is limited.


Finally, Polish-bred and Lisbon-based piano virtuoso Roman Wróblewski has been working on his upcoming debut EP for the last two years, and it really came to fruition during the pandemic, ironically enough. Roman wants to share compositions from said EP with you Wednesday, Nov.25, at Pharmacia Musical.

*As always, double-check with the organizers before venturing out, and stay sane y’all — winter is coming…


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