Momentous Eventus: Dia das Comunidades Edition

"Ah! where shall weary man take sanctuary, where live his little span of life secure? and 'scape of Heaven serene th' indignant storms that launch their thunders at us earthen worms?“ — Luís de Camões.

On June 10, 1580, Lisbon-native, world-renowned poet, national literary icon, man who spent time in jail for fighting with an officer of the king and then, as punishment, had to serve that same pesky king only to lose sight in his right eye warring with the Spanish Moors — aka Luís de Camões — sadly, died. Today, June 10 is celebrated annually, worldwide, as Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas. And, while Portugal Day 2021 will definitely not be what it was once due to the “c” word, there’s still some stuff to do around Lisbon to celebrate this great land, its icons, its communities, and its people — without getting arrested or going half-blind.
Here’s some of it.*

CONCERT (Jun 4, 5):

Moullinex is the alter ego of living Portuguese DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and free-love advocate Luís Clara Gomes. Requiem for Empathy is the new album by Moullinex. You can hear Requiem for Empathy performed live by Luis and Moullinex this Friday and/or Saturday night, and dance, and love, freely, for 17€.


Take the ferry to Feria do Mocho (aka the Owl Market) for some general outdoor market goodness for the whole family this Saturday. If you prefer to stay on this side of the river, however, next Saturday (Jun 12), and then most Saturdays for the rest of the year, the feira is scheduled to be in Jardim de Santos — lockdowns and weather pending, of course.


Bogdan Kamuta is the alter ego of living Portuguese immigrant with Russian-American roots, poet, musician, artist, man who really needs money, and your humble Atlas Lisboa events coordinator (goodbye, fourth wall) who has been cross-eyed since the age of two. Nevertheless, Bogdan will be attempting to sell original fish and coronavirus-themed postcards this Sunday at Mercado de Arte: Domingos no Arroz Estúdios, alongside other like-minded, semi-talented broke local weirdos, accompanied by DJs, craft beer, and really good pizza. Entry is 3€.

DJ SET (Jun 6):

DJ, director, party organizer, lover of music and especially UK dub, and Lisbon native with poetic name Ernesto Honesto comes to Casa Capitão this Sunday afternoon, with vinyl galore, to spin some of his favorite tracks, at 33/45rpm, for five hours straight, for your listening pleasure. Entry is 3€, with a two-person-per-table minimum.

CONCERT (Jun 8):

On-and-off Lisbon-native singer, songwriter, and cellist Joana Guerra‘s last name means “war” in English. However, the organizers of her latest musical project describe it as follows: “Chão Vermelho, in which Maria do Mar’s violin and Carlos Godinho’s percussion join Joana Guerra’s voice and cello in forming a tentacular body from which songs sprout like miracles of nature growing from a barren and devastated earth.” You can experience Joana and Chão Vermelho live this coming Tuesday for 14€.


Festival Django Portugal 2021 hits Almada next week for three days of music, workshops, jam sessions, and general fun — all inspired by the now-deceased but still legendary Romani-Belgian jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, born 111 years ago (who had only eight fingers since the age of 18, by the way).


Unlike Camões and Kamuta, Italian-born Andrea Bocelli, who’s coming to Coimbra to sing three weeks from now, was blind in both eyes since the age of 12. That didn’t stop him from becoming one of the finest opera tenors of the last half-centruy, though, and tickets for his two performances, although pricey, are bound to go fast.

*Stay intact and be safe out there, and check out what else is out there in our full calendar of events; take sanctuary from the indignant storms of the ‘rona in this great city, in its people and culture, in each other, and in yourselves, my fellow earthen worms. And happy upcoming holiday.

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