Momentous Eventus: Disassembling The Republic Edition

"A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user." Theodore Roosevelt.

Oh, snap! While the main topics of conversation for 2022 near and far remain booster shots, the vaccine in general, war with Russia, and how nice it was to travel way back when, here in Portugal word on the street, on TV, online, and elsewhere is that on Jan. 30, “all 230 seats to the Assembly of the Republic will be at stake.” This is due to the country’s snap election, announced late last year by the president. Meanwhile, here’s some not so political stuff happening around town this weekend:

Jan 28
Tonight, Pared cultural association SMUP presents three back-to-back performances by local heavy-hitters: Lourenço Crespo, Violeta Azevedo, and Lula Pena. The musicians are described, respectively, as “a composer and performer with an oeuvre fecund in virtues,” a presenter of “enraptured musical expression in transverse flute and electronic processing,” and “a master of avid intellect, magnanimous intuition and spiritual perception.” And tickets to see all three are only 6€.

Meanwhile, Anjos cultural association BOTA presents one improvisational performance by three local up-and-comers: Maria do Mar, Abdul Moimême, and Sofia Borges. In it, violin, viola, guitars, and percussion are “mixed in a music that, being immediate and intuitive, gains a compositional dimension that reflects the wide experiences (and multiple interests and dedications) of its three elements.” Tickets to see all three are also 6€.

Jan 29
This Saturday night, the CBB presents Philip Glass’ Orphée — the timeless story of a rebel poet who travels to hell and back, and then back again, for the woman he loves, as told by one of the best of all time, opera or other. Tickets start at 30€.

Also this Saturday night, Galeria Zé Dos Bois welcomes ’embodiment of the ultimate good wave’ Rabu Mazda and friends for the official release party of Bindi. Rabu’s (aka Leo’s) “voice and words take on that experience of good omen and caring all around;” he will be joined on stage by a few similarly-minded locals in “a family wide-view party album celebration.” You can join too for 8€.

Jan 30
The Domingos no Arroz street market at Arroz Estúdios returns this Sunday afternoon for its first edition of 2022 this Sunday, bringing with it its usual vibes of artistic, artsy, and artisanal fun accompanied by specialized food, craft beer, and live and other music. Entry is 3€, last we checked.

Jan 30-Feb 28
Local renaissance man with a heart of gold Valdemar Doria comes to COPA Lisboa this Sunday afternoon to share his latest solo exhibit Little Pieces of My Heart with the world. There will be food, cachaça, a live mural painting by Mr. Doria, and plenty of hearty goodness. Meanwhile, the show itself is up all through February, and entry is free.

Now to Sept 1
And, finally, heads-up: if all goes well, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Arctic Monkeys, Peaches, and a few others will be coming to Lisbon later this year for some live musical entertainment. This means tickets for Kalorama 2022 are likely to go fast. You’ve officially been warned.

Be safe and be sane out there, Lisbon. Godspeed to those helping reassemble The Republic this weekend. And — speaking of reassembling —  a very Happy International LEGO Day to all!

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