Momentous Eventus: Dust in the Wind Edition

"Art washes away the dust of daily life from the soul.” Picasso.

World War III refugees, a possible food crisis, disease (yeah, COVID is still a thing, unfortunately), a massive dust cloud from Africa, St. Patrick’s Day… Daily life hasn’t been exactly peachy for Portugal either recently. Here’s some artsy stuff happening around Lisbon tonight and this weekend to maybe help clean (and feed) your soul:

Mar 18
The Mamadu Baio Trio comes to Camones CineBar tonight to share with you some Afro-Mandinga, reggae, jazz, and afro-beat sounds. Said sounds were originally inspired by Mamadu Baio’s hometown of Tobatô (a village in Guinea-Bissau where all 272 inhabitants are musicians) but are now starting to encompass other parts of Africa and, as evidenced by tonight’s performance, Europe too. Entry is 5€.

Mar 18, 20
Also this Friday (and Sunday) eve, the Gulbenkian Choir and Orchestra invite you to their interpretation of Mozart’s Così fan tutte, or, in their words, what “many consider to be one of the most inspired and elevated pieces of thought-provoking entertainment in the operatic repertoire.” Tickets start at 20€.

Mar 19
Tomorrow night, the good folks at La Sharada invite you to experience G Combo, a band that describes itself as “a cocktail of sounds between Quantic, Manu Chao, Buena Vista Social Club, and more.” You’re also invited to wash down said cocktail with actual cocktails, local craft beer, and authentic Italian pizza. Entry is 3€.

Mar 19, 20
Meanwhile, both Saturday and Sunday eves the CCB invites Companhia Clara Andermatt to pay tribute to one Orlando Pantera. The Cape Verden legend died on March 1st, 2001 (at the age of 33) but had managed, by then, to create quite a bit of “perspicacious and assertive poetry that was full of love” and thereby make a significant impact on both Cape Verde’s and Portugal’s music scenes since. Tickets are 18-30€.

Mar 19-20
And right after midnight on Saturday, the one and only Titanic Sur Mer invites you to its Hip Hop & R&B Party. Here, one DJ Perez will be on the decks bumping your favorite hits until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Entry is 6€ on the guestlist or 10€ at the door.

Meanwhile, debuting in Lisbon from her home base of Berlin, techno DJ/producer Clara Cuvé comes to Nada Temple around midnight too. She, in turn, will be serving up some “fast and groovy” techno, breakbeat, jungle, and hardcore for your listening and grooving pleasure. Tickets are 15-20€.

Mar 20
This Sunday afternoon, a handful of local artists and activists invite you to come draw the beautiful yet in-danger-of-being-gentrified city treasure that is Tapada das Necessidades as an act of defiance. Participation is free, just meet at the south entrance at 14h30. And fight the power. With art.

And, finally, also this Sunday afternoon, Com Calma – Espaço Cultural invites local artist and Capoeira dancer Lucia Afonso Baronesa for JAM It- House Whacking. They simply describe it as “a fun, and non-judgmental, space for us to dance.” Entry is 3€.

Browse our full calendar of events for more stuff to do to stay sane, have a good weekend, and, if and when in doubt about it all, remember the words of one Maya Angelou:
“You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lines. You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

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