Momentous Eventus: Easter in the Ether Edition

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”
Jesus Christ.

Jesus, as usual, is right. Coincidentally, and as per a strange, two-thousand-year-old religious custom, zombie-Jesus season is coming, possibly giving millions of people around the world an excuse to take some time off work and maybe visit and break bread with their friends, families, and loved ones. That is, of course, if those people still actually have work, and if their friends, families, and loved ones are visitable under whatever restrictions their corner of the world has in place.

Here in Lisbon, for instance, today things are still pretty dead (pun intended). More and more people are out of work; museums, bars, and restaurants remain closed except for takeaway; and travel is, again and as per the new holiday custom, canceled. In other words, today is a good day to ask oneself: “What would Jesus do?” Chances are he wouldn’t be checking out Atlas’ full calendar of events to keep from going postal while prepping for his own resurrection, but you can. There’s plenty of stuff to keep you (and your kids) entertained online well into spring, including even an outdoor event or two. Here’s some of what’s on for today, this weekend, and next week, pending the customary trouble.


Portuguese singer, actor, and model David Carreira is only 29 years old but is already a household name here in Portugal, and especially in France. For example, his first album, released when he was only 19 and titled N.1, reached number one in the Portuguese charts. This Friday night (Mar. 26), David gifts online audiences with a free concert at 20h.

Portuguese progressive rock pioneers (and one-time MTV-music-award-winners) The Gift, on the other hand, are celebrating 27 years of existence this year, as well as three years of their latest, eighth, and Brian Eno-produced album ALTAR. The Gift are also gifting the public with a free online concert, this Saturday, Mar. 27, at 20h30.


COVID, Christ, curfew, cucumber, cat, circumlocution. These are all words that start with the letter C. The OCCO Orquestra’s ‘ABC of Music – Letter C‘ is a free ‘didactic concert for parents and children,’ and it’s happening on Youtube this Sunday, Mar. 28, at 11h, for free (in Portuguese). Claro. Cool.

The future is unwritten, and the children are the future, while Easter in the Future by Sala do Futuro is a series of online video workshops (also in Portuguese) for your kids. You can — and probably should — join them as they learn stuff like designing a game or a program, making a 3D object, carrying out a scientific experiment, and more. It’s happening all week through Apr. 4.


Cascais Corrida da Pascoa is an initiative by the Municipality of Cascais where you and your kids can run, walk, or simply donate to help raise some money and food for those in need. It’s also happening all week until Apr. 4.


Gentrification, low wages, tourism, AirBnB, and now the pandemic — all these things have not been kind to the locals in terms of affordable living. Assembleia pela Habitação is a call to action by the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City. It’s happening this Saturday and Sunday (Mar. 27, 28), at 15h, in Largo do Intendente. Bring your empathy and your mask.


Finally, if you just wanna watch nature throw a glorious fiery tantrum on a massive scale, check out’s videos and images of the Icelandic volcano’s glorious 800-year comeback, whenever, wherever there is Wifi, for the foreseeable future, free of charge.

Stay safe, stay sane, love thy neighbor, wash your hands, and peace be with you.

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