Momentous Eventus: Eastertide Edition

"For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?" Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter weekend to those celebrating, godspeed to those doing their taxes, and peace and love to both, and anyone we missed. Here are just a few of the lovely events happening around Lisbon this holiday weekend and onwards:

Apr 15
Tonight, Argentinian-born and Lisbon-based singer/songwriter Lucía Echagüe comes to BOTA, along with two friends (on guitar and percussion), to share some Latin American fusion, Argentinean folklore, and an original melody or two as well. Entry is 5€.

Meanwhile, authentic Italian pizza and Portuguese craft beer joint La Sharada presents Trio Jazz!! — three local buskers who want to share with you some traditional Gypsy Jazz but with only percussion, clarinet, and contracello (as opposed to the traditional-to-the-style guitar/piano). Entry is 3€.

April 15-16
The relentless gentrification and classist “real estate venturers” of this fine city have, tragically, claimed yet another noble victim: one of the few remaining bastions of hope in Largo Intendente for unpretentious local culture, reasonably priced food and drink, and, above all, genuine character, aka LARGO Café Estúdio, is sadly closing its doors tomorrow. But before it becomes another hotel, it’s going out with a bang, and invites you to come show some farewell love.

April 16
The weather is finally getting better here in Lisbon, but that doesn’t mean the planet isn’t dying.
Caravana pela Justiça Climática — a two-week, 400-kilometer show of solidarity with Mother Earth through the industrial heart of Portugal — arrives in town tomorrow, invites you to Oriente to welcome it, and to, thereby, maybe be the change you want to see in the world.

Apr 16-17
For the more traditionally devoted among us, Igreja de São Nicolau invites you to a late-night vigil on Saturday and evening mass on Sunday night. Entry to both is free.

Apr 20
Meanwhile, this coming 420, local punk rock (and other) semi-legends The Tourorists finally make their long-awaited triumphant debut at Crew Hassan in celebration of the upcoming release of their even-longer-awaited second EP. They are joined by friend DJ Harry de Nada, and they hear there will be “workshops” too. Entry is also free.

Now through Aug 28
The PEOPLE LANDSCAPES exhibit at MNAC is a collection of works by “young students of the Academies of Fine Arts” of 102-167 years ago that focuses on the Portuguese evolution of landscape and people painting (and, thereby, on mother nature and our role therein). The exhibit is included in the museum ticket price, which is 4,50€.

Now through Sept 4
If soundscapes are more your thing, Sound It: Rádio Antecâmara at the CBB is a sound art installation that explores “the ways through which sound builds and shapes spatial perception and experience,” aka “a subjective journey to discover an invisible architecture, a space sonically perceived, an audible and emotional place.” You can experience it all summer long for 6€.

Now through Dec 31
And, finally, Museu Bordalo Pinheiro’s gluttonous exhibit Bordalo at the Table takes a closer look at the Portuguese icon’s (and his contemporaries’) eating habits, as portrayed by the artist himself; go see whether he was an intermittently fasting ethical eater or not. Tickets are 3€ (and include the museum itself).

See our full calendar of events for more culture around town for now and later.
Be safe, be well, and be excellent to each other.
Feliz Páscoa!

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