Momentous Eventus: Election Deflection Edition

"I don't believe that a restaurant will survive well unless it is located in a tourist zone." Antonio Costa.

You may have noticed that construction — much like last year, and the year before that — is really picking up around town lately. Has the economy fully recovered then, you ask? No, not at all. However, the local elections are but two weeks away, and, as per annual custom, nothing says functioning government like functioning roads, bridges, and more hotels… Anyhoo, if you’d like a break from the noise and the dust and the array of confident smiling suits glaring down at you from every corner and tasca TV screen with promises of um futuro melhor and whatnot, here’s some non-election-themed stuff happening around town too in the near futuro:

Sept 10-11
Festival Nossa Lisboa 2021 kicks off in Oriente today and brings with it not one but 18 concerts by Portuguese and international musical semi-giants, and tickets are 30-35€.

Sept 11
This Saturday marks 20 years since one of the most tragic days in NYC history and an equally tragic historical turning point for the rest of the world. Local musical trio The Tourorists come to Camones CineBar to both pay tribute to and celebrate NYC, the world, and all the people therein through song. Entry is 5€.

Sept 11-12
And this weekend, as part of their ongoing Antiprincesas cycle Culutura na Rua presents Marquesa de Alorna by Cláudia Gaiolas. It’s the story of Leonor de Almeida Portugal — badass “anti-princess” writer, painter, poet, and noblewoman, among other things, who had quite an impact on the history of this great land. It’s some historical fun for the whole family (in Portuguese), and it’s free.

Sept 15-17
“For three days, Lisbon becomes the meeting point for hundreds of artists and music and culture professionals from all over the world for a program of concerts, training, debates, and various business and exchange opportunities.” That’s how organizers describe MIL Festival 2021. It hits town next week, with tickets starting at 25€.

Now through Sept 13
And have we mentioned Portugals’ biggest horror film festival MOTELX in Momentous Eventus yet? Yes, we have. But we’re doing it again because it’s usually scary good, and in full swing now, but only for another four days.

Now through Sept 16
Self-described simply as a “visual artist based in Lisbon,” Mariana Simão has a solo show up in Arroios titled: I woke up with my mouth filled with petals. It’s, um, colorful, and free to enter.

Now through Sept 19
MIL Festival 2021 (see above) is celebrating popular music. But did you know that there’s a new documentary film festival in Portugal dedicated “to the music, musicians, sounds, and movements at the edges of massification and popularity?” That festival is SONICA EKRANO, and it hit Barreiro yesterday. For the next nine days, it’s screening some hard-to-find feature-length docs (about music) for under 3€ each.

Now through Oct 23
Meanwhile, multimedia artist Clara Imbert’s solo show Circular Visions opened at Galeria Foco yesterday. While it seems interesting, the gallery has absolutely nothing else to say about it other than that it’s on view until Oct. 23. Oh, and it’s free.

For more stuff to do to distract yourself from what gross mismanagement of Portuguese taxes looks like, see our full calender of events. Stay safe, stay kind, stay sane, never forget, and don’t believe the hype, y’all.

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