Momentous Eventus: Eternal Lockdown of the Spotless Mind Edition

Marcelo got five more years in office, the borders are closing, numbers keep going up, and the lockdown has been – you guessed it – extended. But don’t worry, it’s only for two more weeks and will all be over in no time. Here’s some stuff you can do in the meantime, or for most of 2021 because time isn’t linear.


Citywalks is a good way to get, if not out of your house, at least out of your head. The unique website is still offering virtual, no-feet-required walking tours of dozens of the world’s major cities from Wuhan to Lisbon, COVID-free.

And The Wall Street Journal’s Wish You Were There series also has locals introducing you to their hometown through art, cinema, and more, via the interwebs.


Lisbon pre-pandemic staple for all things classy the Gulbenkian has expanded to Spotify with a collection of diverse playlists to keep your ears sane for the indefinite future.


The Gulbenkian Collection itself has mostly gone online too, and, among it, you can find Paul Verlaine: Accursed Poet – a glimpse into the mind of the Frenchman who once said, about himself, “I am the Empire at the end of the decadence.”


And, finally, for those of you that have simply had enough, Camones Cinebar and friends are staging an outdoor protest this weekend with the self-explanatory hashtag “open or die.” We’re not taking sides here, we are just the messenger, although we do understand where they’re coming from.

Anyhoo, whether indoors or out, remember to not forget to stay sane. And you can check out our full (and now-chock-full-of-all-sorts-of-online-goodness) events calendar here for more ways to do that.

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