Momentous Eventus: Extended Extension Edition

Two weeks isn’t such a long time, right? The current and latest in an ongoing series of now decades-spanning two-week lockdowns in Lisbon was set to end on Valentine’s Day. Lo and behold — and to no one’s surprise — it has again been extended, this time to March 1, aka for another two weeks. But two weeks isn’t such a long time, right…?

In the meantime, like the more fortunate humans among us, our events calendar has mostly gone online. Here’s some stuff from it that caught our eye, happening this weekend and in the next two weeks or so.


The CCB, which has a bunch of stuff online now in general, is now also offering the more-relevant-than-ever timeless classic about the relativity of time and space, Alice in Wonderland, in Portuguese, for free, with a new chapter every Friday throughout July.


End of the world or not, the Gulbenkian wants to keep your lockdown Friday night classy, which is why tonight they’re presenting a free streaming performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 at 19h.

The CCB is also continuing to bring us weekend online concerts at five bucks a pop. This Saturday, Feb. 13, they welcome jazz musician Marta Hugon and friends at 21h30.

The online concert series “in solidarity with artists and technicians” Worldwide Wo+Men presents its sixth edition this coming Thursday, Feb. 25, with back-to-back performances by two heavy-hitting ladies from Cabo Verde and the Republic of Congo, via Facebook and free of charge.


Friends of Atlas Arroz Estúdios has a pretty cool virtual version of itself now too, and they’re continuing to offer art exhibits, cryptocurrency workshops, and other strange goodness throughout the month (and probably months to come), also mostly free.

Be well, and don’t eat your poo if you don’t have to, friends. Two weeks isn’t such a long time…

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