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Momentous Eventus: Ghosts of António Edition

As the streets of Lisbon continue to revel in the wonder that is Santo António, we here at Atlas would like to celebrate some of the lesser-sung heroes of the streets of this fine city. We’re talking about the men and women who ensure that — no matter how messy your night gets — you can get up, get out, and do it all over again with relative ease. In other words, Happy Global Garbage Man Day, everybody! This time of year, as you can imagine, can be especially challenging for the fine folks cleaning up our mess before the sun comes up day in and day out. So, if you’re partying it up tonight and happen to see the graceful men and women in bright green jumping around town collecting truckloads upon truckloads of our stinky fun — give them an “obrigado/a” or two, and maybe even a beer or two as well.

Meanwhile, here’s some cultural stuff happening around town tonight and this weekend to maybe help wash your soul of that weeks-long grill, sardine, and Sagres and/or Super Bock stench:

June 17
Tongiht, Belarussos contra a guerra na Ucrânia! at Praça do Comercio calls on the Belrussian community here in Lisbon to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in defiance of the ongoing war there. It’s open to anyone who wants to do the same.

Meanwhile, locally-bred but now-travelling-the-Mediterranean musician Andrea Musio returns to Sirigaita tonight with his seven-string guitar and a new repertoire of “many stories picked up here and there” — sung in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. There’ll be food, and entry is 3-6€.

And later, 24-year-old Mexico-bred, Venezuela-inspired, and internationally-renowned singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada comes to ZDB with her band to sing “of pain, unlove, the sadness of loss, and what it means to live after that.” Tickets are 14€.

Jun 17-18
Tonight and tomorrow night (respectively), local heavyweight singers Ricardo Ribeiro and Teresinha Landeiro come to the historical Castelo de São Jorge, along with some friends, to share with you some historical tunes, aka “Lisbon’s song,” aka an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,” aka fado. Entry is free (with prior ticket pick-up the same day).

June 18
Brazilian-bred, New Orleans-inspired, and currently in Lisbon, Gringo’s Washboard Band comes to Camones CineBar tomorrow night to share with you some — well, blues, swing jazz, and washboard. Entry is 5€.

Jun 18-19
Two evenings of nine back-to-back outdoor concerts featuring music from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Brazil, Capo Verde, France, the U.S., and, of course, Portugal — this is what comprises Cultura na Rua’s Lisboa Mistura 2022. Both evenings open with a debate, aimed to “raise awareness of the beauty of difference and the legacy of curiosity,” and are free to attend.

Jun 20-26
And, finally, this coming Monday, Bairro em Festa 2022 hits four of Lisbon’s more inclusive neighborhoods with its “great mission to integrate people in social exclusion, promote intergenerationality, care for mental health, fight isolation, and claim the right of everyone to the city.”
Dozens of events are in store all through the week, and most of them are free.

For more stuff happening around town today, tomorrow, and this summer in general, check out our What’s On section. Remember to dispose of your used-up fun in the proper containers.
E Feliz continuação das férias, Lisboa!

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