Momentous Eventus: Halloween, and thereafter.

Halloween is here, so keep your mask on...

Well, it’s official: as of Oct. 28, every day is Halloween in Lisbon. For the next two months or so, if you’re caught tricking, treating, partying, frolicking, or simply walking around without a mask in public, there’s a hefty fine to be paid. Also, the days are getting shorter. The grim reaper is setting new records in the pandemic department. Traveling this weekend is a no go too. You can read about the recent COVID-19 developments here, but, overall, sh.t is kinda spooky…

However, if you’re not locking up your doors, boarding up your windows, stocking up on food and/or ammunition, and generally preparing for the end of days just yet, you can check out our full events calendar here. Below are just some of the highlights, goings-on-wise, for the festive weekend and pandemic-pending near future.


To cure your Devil’s night hangover, dress to impress and head to Alcântara for Drag Taste Brunch – an unlimited buffet (with vegan and vegetarian options, of course), a river of champagne and mimosas, and drag queens from all over the world.

Then stick around Alcântara for an immersive Hallow’s Eve party — aka “a night to terrify the senses, a dinner to give blood in the mouth, and a chilling spectacle” — with an international artists’ collective and plenty of merry in Art Attack: Ghost Town Stories at Village Underground Lisboa.

Or head to the east side and party with a musical collective of an uncertain number of Brazilians and locals who have great taste in music, are awesome human beings, and like to wear black regardless of the time of year. TRAFKA.: CASA DOS MORTOS is sure to kick some life into your holiday evening with music, food, and general spooky merry. Don’t forget to wear black.


The Invisible Show at Culturgest is an interactive art exhibit that focuses on the role sound has played in the visual arts over the centuries. It’s up now through Jan. 10, and it sounds pretty sound to us.

The former factory-turned-culture hub that is Fábrica do Braço de Prata always has something going on. This November that something includes a month-long display of exhibitions by five local artists who have survived 2020 thus far. Inauguration on Nov. 5, and shows up until the 28th.

Head to Belém this Sunday, the Day of the Dead, to get your fill of fright with some good old-fashioned Hitchcock in Vertigo.


If you’re looking for some “folk and electronic excitement, humor, elegant eroticism, hedonism, and celebration of non-negotiable rights,” then head to Alcântara on November 5th for Rodrigo Cuevas’ Trópico de Covadonga spectacular.

Or if you’re looking for something more tame, like some good old-fashioned traditional Portuguese dining accompanied by live fado, go check out Ricardo Ribeiro at LAPO restaurant the same day.

Happy Hallow’s eve to all, and be safe out there!

A special shout-out to 2020 thus far.
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