Momentous Eventus: Humans, Animals, Divas, Gods, and Books Edition

“People speak sometimes about the "bestial" cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Ah, good old Fyodor, dropping them sad, sad nuggets of truth again on a chilly, gray Friday morning… Anyhoo, on that note, happy Human Rights Day and Animal Rights Day, everybody. And, to the bibliophiles among us, happyDewey Decimal System Day too. Here’s what’s happening around Lisbon — in terms of humans, books, and animals — this weekend and onwards:

Dec 10
Kang Clan Comedy at Camones CineBar this Friday night is self-described simply as “English comedy night in Lisbon,” and we’re pretty sure there’s a pun in there, somewhere… Anyhoo, you’re invited to come watch some English-speaking (but not necessarily from England, right…?) humans attempt to make you laugh. Entry is free.

Meanwhile, Sodade – Homage to Cesária Évora celebrates the legacy of one of Cabo Verde’s (and, thereby, Portugal’s) most revered humans. The concert brings together nearly 20 international singers and musicians, many of whom shared the stage with the legend, for an evening of song, tribute, and sharing. Entry is free, provided you donate some food and/or hygiene products for the less fortunate humans among us.

Dec 10-12
COMIC CON PORTUGAL 2021 hit Lisbon yesterday, bringing with it four days of all sorts of action-packed fun for fanboys, fangirls, fan-others, and newbies alike. Tickets start at 10€, while humans under 5yo get in for free.

Dec 11
Inspired in part by The Adventures of TinTin (the comics), and in part by Faust (the opera), Catarina Molder’s Castafiore at the Gulbenkian is a 15-minute performance that “seeks to evoke and deconstruct the figure of the Diva and her own caricature: the Diva who has lost track of time and the world, refusing to leave her pedestal.” Free tickets are available for pick-up starting today.

Dec 11-12
This weekend, the two floors of Anjos70 host XXXmas and Feira Morta. The former is described as “a relaxed, sex-positive, transfeminist event that presents stalls in the Erotic and Queer themes,” while the latter (‘Death Fair’) as being “dedicated to author publishing and DIY publishing practices; an open space where you share, discuss, and think about illustration, visual and graphic arts, comics, drawing, and music.” Entry to both is free.

Dec 12
This Sunday morning, The Gods descend into the Theater (atMuseu de Lisboa’s Teatro Romano) invites you and your littluns to build your very own planetary system while learning about and honoring the Roman god of time and the calendar (aka Saturn), as well as the pre-Christian origins of Christmas (aka Saturnalia), all free of charge with prior registration.

Now through Dec 31
If you, like many, are on a tighter-than-usual budget this Saturnalia, then a good place to find some Christmas presents in the form of second-hand books might be the month-long Christmas in Lisbon Book Fair atMuseu de Lisboa’s Palácio Pimenta. It’s free to enter and runs through the end of the year.

Dec 18
And, finally, next Saturday afternoon, three local non-profits invite you to gather outside the entrance to El Corte Inglês for Natal sem Crueldade Animal — an afternoon to celebrate Christmas, life, peace, and family, but with our fellow creatures in mind and, therefore, not in an uncontrolled consumerist kind of way.

Head to our What’s On section for more of what is on around Lisbon now and later. Try not to be cruel to your fellow sentient beings, today or any other day, read books, make sure to double-check with the organizers of any given event before attending, and be safe, ya’ll.

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