Momentous Eventus: Immersive October Edition

"An immersive experience pulls a viewer into another real or imagined world, enabling them to manipulate and interact with their environment. Immersive experiences use a blend of visuals, sound and technology to deliver unforgettable and engaging worlds." Google.

Well, it seems summer is back here in Lisbon! Weather-wise at least. At least during the day… Moreover, restrictions are being lifted, as are capacity limits, and locals and tourists alike are engaging in more and more immersive and other experiences on a daily and nightly basis. See our full events calendar for all sorts of cultural immersion options around town now and later — and here’s some stuff that caught our eye for the next few days:

Oct 8
After the release of a locally and internationally acclaimed debut EP, three fully booked-out immersive performances (in part due to the pandemic, but still) and three not fully booked out ones (due to the internet and/or 180+ capacity) in 2021, humble local punk rock trio The Tourorists marches on, debuting live at Com Calma this Friday night to celebrate summer, the lifting of restrictions, and you, with song and merry, and immersed in female orgasms. Entry is 3€, and capacity is limited.

Oct 8- Oct 10
If being healthy and techno are more your cup of tea, you can head across the river this weekend to MOGA 2021 — an electronic music festival that, in the words of its organizers, “allows all dreamers and dancers to be reunited under another Atlantic skyline with endless wellness and music to make for an immersive experience.” Day passes start at 35€.

Oct 9
And this Saturday night, Desterro invites you to immerse yourself in the sounds of Pisitakun and DIGITVLBLVCK. The former is a multimedia artist from Bangkok whose latest album explores the 100-year-long history of military coups and subsequent undemocratic regimes in Thailand (released on cassette and a bullet-shaped USB device). The latter is a local musically eclectic Brazilian duo that spins post-punk, EBM, industrial, and techno, with “strong connections to German music,” and the ’70s and ’80s. Entry is 3€.

Meanwhile, Titanic Sur Mer presents something they call TRIBAL DUB ENCOUNTERS POWERED BY NOMAD EMBASSY SOUND SYSTEM, which is already quite immersive. They further describe it as “a night of tribal music” where three different collectives “will merge styles in a unique atmosphere in the Portuguese music scene,” and you can attend for 8-10€.

Oct 13-15
To fully immerse yourself in the beautiful words of national treasure and icon Fernando Pessoa, you need to falar fluently. Nevertheless, this year’s edition of the Fernando Pessoa International Congress — where experts on the poet meet with the general public for three days of tribute, celebration, and debate — is open to all, both in-person (starting at 15€) and online (for free).

Oct 14
Recife-bred and Lisbon-based solo artist Madu comes to Curious Monkey this coming Thursday eve to sing, dance, and, thereby, immerse you in some Brazilian pop, Bossa Nova, and R&B. Entry is 3€.

Now through Nov 14:
MNAC’s 17-artist show O Caminho para a Luz porque Passa pela Luz is described by its curator as an exhibition that “presents a selection of works of modern and contemporary art that awaken in the viewer an awareness of the aesthetic experience and the perceptive act as a brain construction.” And then the description gets weird. Entry is 4,50€.

Now through Jan 22
And speaking of perception, Maija Annikki Savolainen’s new solo show Paperworks (See/Sea) invites the viewer to see the horizon in a new light — through folds on paper, which, in turn, Maija sees as her “observatory of sunlight and a gateway to another world.” Entry is free.

Immerse responsibly, dear Lisbon. And happy lifted restrictions!

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