Momentous Eventus: It Can’t Rain All The Time Edition

"I don't consider myself a pessimist. I think of a pessimist as someone who is waiting for it to rain. And I feel soaked to the skin." Leonard Cohen.

The weather, locally, has been kind of sh.t all week, while the news, globally, has been getting exponentially sh.ttier for over two years now… But culture, at least here in Lisbon, and at least for now, marches on. So here are some things you can do around town to keep your head up and/or lend a helping hand this weekend (and beyond) while we hope, wait, and pray for better days:

Mar 25
Tonight, the enigmatic Palermo-bred and Lisbon-based musician, DJ, and producer with international clout Foggy comes to Arroz Estúdios with friends The Tourorists (and a DJ friend or two) to perform in celebration of the recent release of his first official solo endeavor — In Appropriate Use of Dangerous Tools. Tickets are 6€ (or 10€ with a CD version of the album, which is a dangerous tool in itself).

Also tonight, Noite Fresca #21 at Desterro promises to “fulfill the alcoholic majority of countries like the USA with an open bar!” It also aims to tickle your musical taste buds with “poignant industrial techno,” “sweet breaks”, and “usual schizophrenia” by three local DJs, respectively. And, finally, it invites you to “expect lots of joy and violence against the usual fascists.” Entry is 3€-TBD.

Mar 25-27
Bulgarian cinematographic aesthetics, a Brazilian Oscar-nominee, and the 85th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are just some of the themes in the 21st edition of the Monstra – Lisboa Animation Film Festival ’22, and this is the last weekend to check it out. Tickets are 3,50-4,50€.

Mar 25-Apr 3
Cherkaoui/Ramalho at Teatro Camões from the CNB is a dance show where National Dance Company pioneer Miguel Ramalho and veteran Belgian-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui combine “a depth and weight imprinted on a cohesive body of dancers” with an “ode to autumn” where “melancholy is reflected in the resilience and flexibility contained in the human spirit.” Tickets are 10-20€.

Mar 25Apr 10
“Superficial, over-articulated, amoral creatures driven by the impact of their personalities on each other, moths around the light, unable to tolerate solitary darkness and equally unable to share the light without constantly colliding, injuring each other’s wings” is how one British playwright, who died 49 years ago tomorrow, once described his audience. Tonight, and for the next two weeks, São Luiz Teatro Municipal invites you to Vida De Artistas by Noël Coward (said playwright), in Portuguese, and tickets start at 12€.

Mar 26
Despite (or, rather, in light of) all the other crazy stuff going on in the world right now, the housing crisis remains, well, a crisis — especially here in Lisbon. This Saturday afternoon, Stop Despejos (as in, “Stop Evictions”) invites you to Martim Moniz for a show of solidarity with those less fortunate among us, proclaiming that “we don’t want a return to normality, we want rebellion and resistance.” The action is part of the European Action Coalitions’ Housing Action Day 2022, and participation is free.

Mar 26-30
Meanwhile, starting tomorrow, the Cultural Centers of Belém and Lviv team up for +380 Ligar à Ucrânia. For five days straight, from 9h to 21h, you can donate goods to those affected directly by World War III. And on Tuesday, March 29th, at 19h, you can check out a benefit concert with some of Portugal’s biggest names (to be broadcast live in Lviv as well) for 15€.

Mar 31
And, finally, Loafing Hero: Jabuti + Shaka’s Lo-Fi Experience at ZDB is likely to be a very magical little musical evening. In it, two musicians (one Irish, one Portuguese, both locals) will be presenting their recently dropped solo debuts — the former inspired by and written in a Zen monastery in Brazil with a nylon guitar, the latter inspired by and (mostly) written in Seattle with a berimbau. Tickets are 8€.

See our full calendar of events for more of what’s on in Lisbon for the foreseeable future.
And try to stay dry, stay warm, stay sane, and stay humane, y’all. Because, as the son of Bruce Lee said in the movie that would tragically be his last — “It can’t rain all the time.”

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