Momentous Eventus: Restrictions, Rinse, Repeat Edition

“The moments of déjà vu were coming more frequently, now. Moments would stutter and hiccup and falter and repeat. Sometimes whole mornings would repeat. Once I lost a day. Time seemed to be breaking down entirely.” Neil Gaiman.

Well, as was to be expected, the you-know-what numbers are back up, and the government is enforcing travel restrictions for the weekend again. And this, as past experience shows, means that the next indefinite two-week lockdown is right around the corner too. So grab your mask, your hand sanitizer, and whatever remains of your sanity, and go get your fix of four-dimensional culture while you still can. Here’s some stuff that, as we were writing this, had not been cancelled yet.


A bunch of students from two local theater and music schools come to Lisbon’s Academy of Sciences to recite some Mozart, music from The Bridges of Madison County, and more, for your listening pleasure, this Friday night, at 17h30, free of charge.

CONCERT (Jun 18):

A little later this Friday night, at 21h to be exact, local one-man band and visual artist George Silver comes to Lux Frágil to “navigate through a sea of arpeggios and beats at the command of the machines that make up his control panel,” and you can too for 5€.


A few years ago, a Lisbon native was hit by a car when crossing the street. All he got out of it was 50 bucks, but it was also the genesis of said native’s artistic journey. This weekend, Kadri Bau brings his latest multimedia solo show to Prisma gallery, accompanied by some DJs, for three nights of strangeness. Entry is free.


One interesting thing about Lisbon is how it’s always finding more and more ancient stuff beneath its feet. And, while our current civilization is on the brink of lying in ruins too, you can hit the cobblestones of Lisbon to discover what civilizations that came before were up to while preparing for the end. European Archeological Days 2021 hits town this weekend for three days of geeky fun (online and off), and most of it is free.


Local Manuel João Vieira remembers the days when fado in Lisbon was a little less politically correct. And so, Manuel’s band Lello Perdido comes to Titanic this Saturday night to bring back some old-school, raunchy, good-humored fado for your listening and other pleasures. Entry is 7€.


Are you a foreigner who wants to help legally influence the outcome of Lisbon’s upcoming elections, address some honest questions about what, in your opinion, is lacking in Lisbon, and, thereby, be a better Lisboeta in general? Then Mensagem invites you to A Brasileira do Chiado to do just that this coming Monday night, for free, but with limited capacity.


One thing that Lisbon is definitely not lacking in is cover bands. For this and other reasons, this summer, Fever presents Concertos de Tributo — ten concerts in Monsanto park by ten local bands that pay tribute, through the art of the cover song, to musical giants like Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Amy Whinehouse, Coldplay, and more. Tickets are 15€.


And, finally — yes — the music scene here in Lisbon is no doubt vibrant. That said, it’s no secret that more often than not (and pandemic or not) — when it comes to original bands — Lisbon can leave more to be desired. But hope dies last, and so, after a dozen successful shows around town in 2020, local semi-punk rock trio The Tourorists comes to Arroz Estúdios to present their first official EP (released earlier this year), and for their first confinement-free performance of 2021! And they invite you to come see for yourself what all the hype is about. Entry is 5-8€ (but they promise not to play any Coldplay).

The future, like the weather, seems bleak, and we’re updating our full calendar of events daily as more news comes in. But remember to still triple-check with the organizers — like, the day of — because there’s no guarantee that what’s on is actually on. Be safe out there, stock up on toilet paper if that’s still a thing, be kind to yourself and each other, and fasten your face masks: it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

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