Momentous Eventus: March 4th Edition

"I believe that the people live on a planet, not in a state." Viktor Tsoy.

Well, the good news is that the global pandemic seems to be a thing of the past. But the news of the day is still, to put it lightly, not very good at all… And yet humanity marches forth, as evidenced, for example, by both the people of Lisbon and the Portuguese government in recent weeks. So there is hope that — although it won’t be easy — we shall, indeed, overcome. Meanwhile, here’s some culture happening around Lisbon this weekend, to help keep that hope alive:

Mar 4
Tonight, All Synths Day at Núcleo A70 invites a handful of local weirdos for an evening of “electronic music with post-punk and rock influences,” and is hosted by a guy named Serotonin. Entry is probably 3€ or so.

Mar 4-6
Late-night party haven in the heart of the city Desterro has been celebrating seven years on the planet all week with all sorts of multidisciplinary art and performances, 70+ hours of music by a “secret lineup,” and general “loco.” You can catch the remaining celebrations all weekend long. Entry is a 3€ annual membership.

Mar 5
Dublin-born and Lisbon-based musician and philosopher Bartholomew Ryan, aka Loafing Hero, comes to BOTA this Saturday night to present his solo album Jabuti. Accompanied by two loafing friends, Bartholomew intends to take you on “a journey through the heart of Brazil in search of ghosts from the recent and distant past, in a realm where the dead are never really dead.” Entry is 8€.

And later that night, local trio Mindel Reggae Familia comes to Village Underground Lisboa with a few special guests to share some ska, rocksteady, roots reggae, dancehall, and other good vibes with you until six in the morning. Tickets are 10€.

Mar 6
This Sunday eve, local international trio The Tourorists comes to Prisma Estúdio to stand in solidarity with all peace-loving humans on planet Earth, to protest injustice in general, and the Kremlin gremlin’s and his cronies’ brutal invasion of Ukraine in particular, and to share some songs of said protest and love with you and yours. Entry is free.

Now to Mar 13
And, finally, if you go to that parking lot by the river in Santos where all the hippy vans used to be in the before time, you will find the magic that is Feira do Inverno. The lights, sounds, rides, games, toys, music, carnie food, the creepy space Kangaroo, the even creepier Marilyn Monroe, affordable drinks, and general feel-goodness here may be just the thing to distract you and your family from the war, even if only for an hour or two. The fair is up daily until March 13th, and entry is free.

See our full calendar of events for what else is on around town in the near future, and be excellent to each other, dear planet. Peace. Love.

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