Momentous Eventus: March Sadness Edition

Did you know that, statistically speaking, in two weeks’ time:
– an original Apollo mission can travel to the Moon and back twice;
– an average turtle can travel over one thousand kilometers (depending on its country’s restrictions);
– over 200 million people around the world will eat McDonald’s (your humble events coordinator included this time);
– the world’s beer industry will produce roughly 18-Olympic-size-swimming-pools’ worth (or 41639529.624 liters) of beer;
– Portugal’s 12th State of Emergency will almost be over (and, in all likelihood, turn into its 13th State of Emergency)?

Well, like Bill Shakespeare said, roughly 20 thousand weeks ago, “time’s the king of men; he’s both their parent, and he is their grave, and gives them what he will, not what they crave.” We here at Atlas most likely also cannot give you what you crave. But here’s what we got for you event-wise for this weekend on onwards:


Did you know that Iceland was the last place on Earth to be settled by humans, that it’s still the most eco-friendly place around, that elves and trolls are big there, and that it only had 29 deaths from and 6,649 cases of COVID (with 6, 606 recoveries) thus far? This coming Wednesday you can explore this magical place with a virtual three-hour tour (of South West Iceland) free of charge.

Or, for some literary history, follow in the footsteps of famous dead Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, around the world, virtually, every Saturday and Sunday eve in March, for 15 bucks.


Self-proclaimed “best photographer in Columbia” (note the “u”) Kentia Shonta comes to Lisbon, virtually speaking, with The Best of Black and White — her and friends’ very first exhibition, this Friday and Saturday, free of charge.


Get all philosophical and existential this rainy lockdown Friday night with U.S. professor James Kreines’ lecture and zoom Q & A on Hegel’s Absolutely Teleological Metaphysics. It’s heavy, but free.


LISB-ON’s first edition of Jardim de Inverno is happening this Saturday: 10 hours of streaming concerts, featuring 19 artists, free with an online pass.


Learn what herbs you can eat in the wild when you finally decide to call it quits on civilization with Eco Life Experience’s 25€ Online Workshop this Sunday.

And, as always, check out our full calendar of events and maybe find something close to what you crave while you wait for whatever time has in store for you next.

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