Momentous Eventus: Maskless Reincarnation and Carnation Celebration Edition

"If you have abandoned one faith, do not abandon all faith. There is always an alternative to the faith we lose. Or is it the same faith under another mask?" - Graham Greene

Good morning, dear Lisbon.
Did you know that the plastics in one disposable mask can take up to 450 years to break down?
On that note— Happy Earth Day, everybody! Coincidentally, the government has some — well, not great news if you think the global pandemic is still a big deal (or if you happen to be part of the 40-billion-dollar global mask-making industry), but pretty good news for the rest of us. That is, as of today, masks in Portugal are, for the most part, old hat… So let the saving of the planet commence again: remember to recycle those masks and, for the braver hippies among us — maybe pick up any discarded ones you might see lying around this beautiful planet today? Ew…

Anyway, here’s a bunch of indoor stuff happening around town where you can literally show your face tonight, this revolutionary weekend, and onwards:

Apr 22
Tonight, three decades after making his musical debut, Indo-British singer-songwriter Nitin Sawhney comes to Belém to present Immigrants, his latest album. It features an array of artists who “identify as immigrants, who are children of immigrants, or who want to support the cause of those who for multiple reasons find themselves displaced in the world.” Tickets start at 25€.

Also tonight, three locals that make up “the marginal axis of the most alternative hip-hop and trap music developed in the city” converge on late-night dungeon of joy in Intendente Desterro for the 22d edition of their Noite Fresca series. Entry is likely around 3€ (for an annual membership), but maybe more.

Apr 22-23
Meanwhile, hip crypto (and other) culture hub in Beato Arroz Estúdios welcomes up-and-coming Swiss DJ NVST tonight for some “streetwise savoir-faire… with the energy of a dark dance-floor of sweaty walls,” inviting you to take part in “a raw, acidic unity that demands a frenetic dance ritual” until early Saturday morning (with an afternoon vinyl market a few hours later). Tickets are 10€.

Apr 23
For something more traditional, Camones CineBar invites multi-talented international musical semi-legend geeks Tatiana Cobbett and Márcio Lima for a Saturday evening of “words set to music, betting on art as a tool for involvement, information, and reflection.” Entry is 5€.

Meanwhile, MUSICBOX’s FESTA ANTECIPAÇÃO INDIELISBOA invites four multi-national, multi-genre DJs to help you untz-untz-untz all night in preparation for the city’s biggest independent film festival, which opens next week. Tickets are 10€.

Apr 24
There was a time in Portugal when hand puppets, aka ‘Robertos,’ could say a lot more than people. This Sunday morning, Museu da Marioneta invites you to Freedom, Every Day — a workshop where you and your littlun will have a chance to create a ‘Roberto’ and then take to the streets with him/her and “the word ‘freedom’ in mind.” Reservations are 6€ (for both you and your kid).

This Sunday night, VUL welcomes four locals — three DJs and one artist — for MANA x Earth Night. Complete with an art installation from collected plastic and donations being made to save mother Earth, this six-hour party invites you to “join our energy to that of the universe and dance together to transform what no longer serves us into pure creative force.” Tickets are 10€.

Now through April 30
And, finally, Monday will mark 48 years since the Portuguese revolution. In its memory, Cultura na Rua’s Abril em Lisboa is hosting a month-long, city-wide program of music, theatre, cinema, exhibitions, literature, and debates “keeping alive the history of resistance that has inspired and continues to inspire citizens’ movements.” Many of the events are free.

See our full calendar of events for what else is in store for this tentatively mask-free spring and summer, keep the faith, and Feliz 25 de Abril, dear Lisbon!

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