Momentous Eventus: Men, Women, Children,Toilets Edition

"I think toilets are more important than temples." Narendra Damodardas Modi (current Prime Minister of India).

HappyWorld Toilet Day, everybody! If you happen to have one, then you’re doing better than almost 50% of the world’s population — so maybe take a minute or two to appreciate it today… And, if you happen to be a man, or a woman entrepreneur — happyInternational Men’s Day and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! If you happen to be a child, care about, and/or have children — happy upcoming Universal Children’s Day! And, finally, if you happen to be in Lisbon, here’s what’s happening around town this festive weekend:

Nov 19
Cabo Verde-born-in-1970 and Lisbon-based-since-1988 local musical legend Rolando Semedo’s quartet comes to BOTA tonight to share some traditional Cabo Verdean tunes off Rolando’s first solo album, Àgu (which was recorded in one take, with just voice and guitar), and tickets are 5€.

Meanwhile, South-Brazil-bred and world-traveling up-and-coming street musician (and docuseries-about-jazz producer, among other things) Carolina Zingler comes to Camones CineBar to share some “jazz e muito mais” with you this Friday night. Here’s what she says about music: “Singing makes me feel good, aligns me, renews everything in me. Makes me believe in the meaning of everything.” Entry is also 5€.

Nov 19-20
After skipping a year to deal with the pandemic, Super Bock em Stock 2021 pours into 10 venues along Avenida Liberdade this Friday night, bringing with it more than 50 local artists of every musical genre, general merry, plus plenty of Super Bock beer, and a two-day pass is 45€.

Nov 20
This Saturday night, Lisbon-born and Manchester-based rap phenomenon and woman entrepreneur IAMDDB swerves into Lisbon as part of her 2021 tour to promote her first album, Swervvvvv.5. Before the concert, you get a chance to watch a film about, be introduced to, and even snap some selfies with the star. Tickets start at 29€.

Meanwhile, slightly older-school Portuguese musical giants Clã come to the grand auditorium of Culturgest to also share some tunes with you, both from their latest (ninth) album, recorded during last year’s eternal lockdown, and from their 29-year-spanning musical repertoire. Albeit with no selfie ops, as far as we know. Tickets are 30€.

And, while (and possibly because) the neighborhood of Santos is one of the most gentrified areas on the Iberian Peninsula, there are still some families in need there. That’s why the Santos Collective invites Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral and friends to play some Latin American and jazz tunes there this Saturday eve and, thereby, raise some cash for food baskets for 25 of the afore-mentioned families. Tickets are 12€.

Nov 20-21
For seven hours of non-stop breakbeat, drum&bass, half step, jungle, and general electronic goodness, Ministerium invites you to Amen 2021 where two special guests from the UK and the Netherlands will be spinning alongside some local heavy-hitters until the wee hours of the morning. Tickets start at 10€.

Nov 19-Jan30
At Play at the CCB is a multimedia exhibit based on the idea that “each one of us is a playful architect,” and so it touches on themes like “childhood and education, urban planning, public space, history, architecture, art, and creativity — in order to trace the history of imaginary as well as imagined worlds.” You and your imagination can enter its world for the next two months for 6€.

You can also check out a ton of art, theater, and dance performances around town with Alkantara Festival 2021 (until Nov.28th), see a photography exhibit about actresses of Italian cinema of the last 100 years (through Dec. 4th), and find all sorts of other goings-on for the next few weeks in our full calendar of events.

Happy Holidays, y’all!

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