Momentous Eventus: Monkey Business and The Bee’s Knees Edition

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.” Albert Einstein.

Dear humans, monkeys, and bees everywhere — a very Happy Endangered Species Day and, coincidentally, World Bee Day to you all! Unfortunately, it seems that all three of the aforementioned species happen to be very much endangered these days. So, as spring has finally fully sprung here in Lisbon, let us remember that we’re all in this together — big, small, and monkey — and that’s the only way we stand a chance of surviving whatever the is going on… In the meantime, here’s some cultural stuff going on around town while the oil runs out and we wait for the nukes to be or not be dropped:

May 20
Tonight, human connoisseurs of percussion from The Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra hit Fábrica Braço de Prata to show off their chops in their seasonal dress rehearsal, and you can witness said chops free of charge.

May 20-21
For something also percussiony but more electronicky, DJs Pearson Sound, Nick Caddock, and Acid Alice hit Arroz Estúdios tonight to help you untz-untz-untz with some of the U.K.’s and Portugal’s finest dance music until the wee hours of the morrow. Entry is 11,25-14,25€.

May 20-22
Meanwhile, local circus school and culture hub Chapitô welcomes The Clown Union of Portugal for its 15th Cylce of Female Clowns this weekend. Expect “a two-handed operetta,” a “contemporary painter,” a “dangerous knife act,” a clown specializing in “measured death,” and general madness. Entry is TBD.

May 21-22
And while some of us still have a lot of inner work to do to understand exactly WTF an NFT is, Materia Crua and Lisbonweek present INNER WORK— a two-day outdoor NFT art exhibition in Marvila, complete with workshops, debates, talks, music, and a performance or two. Tickets are 12,50€.

Now through May 22
Also, the annual contemporary (but not NFT) art festival that is ARCOLisboa landed in Belém yesterday with its fifth edition, bringing together art, artists, and artistically inclined business folks from over 70 national and international galleries to “confirm their commitment to quality content” and for four days of general fun. Tickets are 5-15€.

Now through May 29
Czechoslovakia-born and Canada- and U.K.-bred (respectively) Yuri Dojc’s and Katya Krausova’s photography exhibit Last Folio at the Berardo Museum is the visual result of the 10 years the couple spent traveling through post-war Slovakia, after a 40-year absence, “in search of the memories of Jewish Holocaust survivors, their roots, and their identities.” It’s up for another nine days, and tickets are 5€ (i.e., the museum entry).

May 23-24 (and then weekly)
Black Cat Cinema is back at Arroz Estúdios with some international, generation-spanning cult classics (and King Richard) being shown weekly under the summer night sky. This coming Monday, for example, it’s Bad Boys, followed by Parasite on Tuesday. Tickets are 7,90€.

May 25
And, finally, this coming Wednesday, local punk rock (and other) connoisseurs The Tourorists return to the recently reopened Má Língua, where one of them played the trio’s first-ever official concert four maddening years ago, to share their recently released second EP with the people and maybe you.
Entry is free.

See what else is on in our What’s On section. And be safe out there, dear Lisbon — because, with all the other happenings, it seems like we might have another pandemic on our hands too. So, you know, wash your hands and stuff.

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