Momentous Eventus: New Restrictions Edition

Well, the U.S. is a little less on fire today, which is ok news. That said, the next few weeks in Lisbon, for most, are going to be – for a lack of a better term – uneventful. The temperature outside is dropping, the number of coronavirus cases is not, and most people’s weekend plans for the foreseeable future have been reduced to eating, drinking, and moping around at home, with maybe the occasional online yoga class and/or zoom meeting, as per the latest restrictions imposed by the government.

Check out our now somewhat lackluster full list of events here. And here are our top picks of stuff that hasn’t been canceled yet* for the next few weeks:

Have you been itching for even more magic realism than is 2020? Then head to Avenida for Rosanna Helena Bach: The Space Between Us, a multimedia exhibit where the Swiss-born and Lisbon-based artist “intuitively explores both invisible and physical worlds and investigates the connections between all elements.” The show’s up Tuesday through Saturday, until Dec. 5 (in theory). Just remember to hide your face and maintain the mandatory space between us when there.

Or stop by Braço de Prata’s November Expositions to see, on the former factory’s outer walls, what the pandemic has done to five local street/graffiti/and mural artists in recent months — artistically speaking, that is — any given day (within curfew limits) until Nov. 28.

And if you happen to be in or can make it to Belém, check out internationally acclaimed photographer Francesco Jodice’s What We Want exhibit, up until Jan. 3. But, heads-up – it will probably make you want to travel.

For you older, financially secure kids — The Black Crowes land in Lisbon on Nov. 14 for their 2020 U.K. and European tour. The tickets are steep but still available.

Locally-bred and world-renowned new-school fado singer and songwriter Carminho comes to Campo Pequeno on Nov. 18 for a live concert too.

If you’re fortunate enough to be working from home, take a break and go see some local choreographers revisit history through the art of dance with Trabalhos de Casa, in Oriente on Nov. 19 (and maybe 20th and 21st).

Finally, we figured that, with all the Christmas decorations halfway up around town already, why not prep for the semi-controversial celebration of the birth of the land of the free early too?
The Lisbon Hard Rock Cafe invites you for a Legendary Thanksgiving Meal with All The Trimmings on Nov. 26, and they suggest you book your reservations early.

*Remember: be safe, use common sense, bring back the ironically outdated hashtag-stay-at-home phenomenon if you feel so inclined — or don’t, but do double-check with the organizers of any given event directly before you commit to anything. We’re just the messenger.


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