Momentous Eventus: In from the Cold Edition

"Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Well, it’s World Pneumonia Day, everybody. Yeah, kind of a downer. So please be safe, stay warm (both inside and out, and outdoors and in), and take care of yourselves, and each other, dear Lisbon. Because winter keeps coming… As for your daily dose of culture, see our What’s On section for goings-on around town for this month and the rest of the year; meanwhile, here’s some of what’s on for the next few days:

Nov 12
Humble local social organization Disgraça welcomes to their stage three Balkan-themed ensembles this Friday night for some “baffling rhythms, mind-bending eastern melodies, and trumpet, clarinet, violin, accordion, and saxophones screaming in your face,” with some humble food and drink too, followed by a ‘Balkan Super Jam session.’ Entry is a suggested donation of 4€. The event is for associates, so associate yourself!

Nov 12-14
Non-profit organization (and festival) Lisbon Art Weekend 2021 describes its aim as being “to contribute to the strengthening and fluidity of the contemporary art scene in the city through merging a diversity of art spaces” — in toher words, three days of art exhibits, parties, kids’ workshops, musical performances, talks, and all sorts of law-abiding fun throughout the city. And a lot of it is free.

Eufonia: Sound Circuits, a local festival that, after a few setbacks with its first edition in October (due to politics…), hit various locations around Martim Moniz for its second edition this Friday. It offers a weekend of sound walks and art installations that “not speak only to an elite capable of interpreting the narrative of its elements and symbolism; some works of art are so beautiful and simple that they touch everyone.”

Nov 12-30
The 12th edition of Misty Fest has been permeating “the best rooms” in Lisbon (and Coimbra and Espinho) recently. This year, the music fesitval aims to “renew its commitment to its audience and is seeking, once again, to present a program of the highest artistic quality” by inviting musicians from Britain, Belgium, Spain, Cape Verde, Israel, the Netherlands, and Portugal too, to entertain the afore-mentioned audience all month long. Tickets start at 12€.

Nov 13
This Saturday afternoon, Lebanese scriptwriter, producer, director, and founder of more than one film festival Sam Lahoud hosts Creative Storytelling in the Modern Era — a two-hour, self-explanatorily-titled online masterclass, in English, that you can attend for free (with prior registration).

And this Saturday night, you and yours are cordially invited to Vecherinka Vol. 21. While the party, much like Russia itself, is somewhat of a mystery, the organizers promise both a “hot night” and a “positive wave;” there’s also a phone number you can call with any questions you might have. Entry is 10€.

Nov 14
To cure your Russian hangover, or just to warm up your Sunday afternoon, local electronic funaná (and other) music legends Fogo Fogo come to B. Leza Clube to fire up some original tunes from their latest album, as well as otherdecades-spanning, psychedelic, rock, dub, and electronic melodies that inspire them. Entry is also 10€.

Nov 15-16
And, finally, this coming Monday and Tuesday nights, you can bundle up and head to Arroz Estúdios for Singing in the Rain and Interstellar — two timeless-in-more-ways-than-one Hollywood classics being screened under the November Lisbon sky. Tickets are 6,70-9,70€.

Don’t catch pneumonia (or anything else that might be going around), and have a good weekend y’all.

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