Momentous Eventus: November 6th, and so on and so forth.

Tired of seeing and hearing about what's happening in the America of the U.S. variety while living in constant anxiety about the new normal and the seemingly inevitable next lockdown? We got you covered.

Tired of seeing and hearing about what’s happening in the America of the U.S. variety while living in constant anxiety about the new normal and the seemingly inevitable next lockdown? If so, check out our events calendar for some ways to tune out and unwind while here in not-so-sunny-anymore but still safe-from-civil-war Lisbon. And, as the home of the brave (and the world at large) trembles with fear, here’s a bit of what’s happening* around town in the near future… next lockdown pending, of course.

It’s difficult to say what we really want these days. A lot of us just want to travel again. For others, things are a bit more serious. But if what you kind of want is to just see some photography, then check out world-renowned Italian photographer Francesco Jodice’s solo show “WHAT WE WANT. It’s, in part, a 25-year-old ongoing photo diary of the places Francesco has visited — over 180 metropolises on five continents, mind you — that, in his words, “can give us back observation of the things of the world.” The show’s up through January 3d.

TEMPS D’IMAGES 2020, on the other hand, is a photography exhibit bringing together the work of various locals who took photos of things and people in the world of the metropolis of Lisbon during the recent eight months of madness. It’s running throughout the city until the end of the month.

For the next few months, you can also head to Campo Pequeno to see and hear THE INVISIBLE SHOW, an art exhibit described as “a historical journey in which sound is used to sculpt the space, envelop us, or cause us to plunge deep into the narratives suggested by the human voice.”

Chances are that, as you’re reading this, it’s really coming down out there…
This Saturday, Nov. 7, local singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Madalena Palmeirim (and friends) are presenting her debut album live. On it, Madalena sings in English, Portuguese, and Creole, and it’s called – wait for it – Right as Rain.

There are also still a few tickets left for slightly more well-known local singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noiserv’s presentation of his new album (all in Portuguese, and translated as “A Word beginning with N“) happening on Friday, Nov. 13.

This Sunday, Nov. 8, you can groove (but not dance, alas) those new-normal blues away with Fábrica Braça de Prata’s Domingo na Esplanada; this time around, it’s all about samba. While there, you can also take a peek at their Exposições de Novembro, where the work of five local artists dons the walls of the former factory all month long.

*As always (due to the afore-mentioned new normal), we suggest you double-check with the organizers the day of any given event to make sure it’s still happening. And, as always, be safe, wash your hands, don’t cough on each other, and, in the eternal words of George W. Bush, Jr., “may God continue to bless America…”

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