Momentous Eventus, October 16-23

Drive-in movies, a Van Gogh cornucopia, luxurious jazz and sustainable soul food are some of the things you can do in the next week. Be safe, and be courteous!

If October proves anything, it’s that COVID doesn’t really care about the cold. Europe is freaking out, daily cases in Portugal are breaking records, the government is tightening restrictions, and things, in general, are not looking good. Lisboetas, however, are maintaining, staying calm, and doing stuff. If you too choose to brave the whichever-wave-this-really-is and venture out into the real world — do so with common sense, and see our full calendar of events here. Here are just some of the things you can do to stay sane this week in particular.*

One of the cooler consequences of global pandemic has been the return of the drive-in cinema. For five days, Fabrica Braça de Prato invites you to watch some Brazilian movies projected onto their outer wall for the third edition of Lisbon’s Mostra de Cinema do Brasil film festival. You’ll probably need some Portuguese (and possibly — but not definitely — a car) for this one though.

Chances are you’ve heard of Vincent Van Gogh — the man, the ear, the art. Vincent has been a big thing in Lisbon this year. There’s an interactive exhibit in Belém about his life, going on through January, which you’ve likely seen huge advertisements for all over town.

And if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, there are also free screenings of films about the legendary man happening in Mouraria, every Monday in October, at 21h30.

Heads-up: local “one-man orchestra” Noiserv is playing a concert on November 13th to promote his semi-controversially titled new album. Tickets are likely to go fast for this one, so we suggest you get yours sooner than later.

This Tuesday night you’re also invited to take a musical journey through Latin America with two local singers and finalists of the Portuguese version of Got Talent (plus one local guitar player) in Gabriel Conolly’s VOLVER at LAPO restaurant.

And if you have the luxury of having 10 bucks to spend on some jazz, check out Quartas in Jazz at AveNew and hear three locals (described by the organizers as “a luxurious trio”) jazz it up in style, every Wednesday this month, at 21h30.

As the old Russian saying goes, you can’t run away from destiny. And that probably includes COVID. But you can go for a run, just in case. NomadSports: Weekly Night Run #19 is happening this Tuesday, and you’re invited to run seven kilometers, along the river, to the bridge and back, with some fellow digital nomads of the healthy variety.

Most of us are just trying to maintain during these strange, strange days; but many of us are also trying to sustain. If you’re looking for some vegan, vegetarian, eco-friendly, semi-ethical, and often affordable food for the mind, the body, and the soul, check out Arroz Estúdios’ Sustainable Souls Market this Sunday in Beato.

And, finally, it again goes without saying that the best street market in Lisbon by far is Feira da Ladra. But we’re gonna keep saying it anyway. Every Tuesday and Saturday, weather and COVID restrictions permitting.

*Because the future is unwritten and the possibilities are endless, we suggest you double-check with the organizers whenever possible on the day of any given event. And, of course, wash your hands and all that jazz, and be safe!

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