Momentous Eventus, October 8, 2020

Marionettes, a roving photo exhibit, drunken art making, classical music by candlelight and gypsy jazz at a Lisbon kiosk? Yes, all these and more are happening in the next week.

The streets are getting more eerily quiet, businesses big and small are struggling, another lockdown constantly looms on the horizon, air travel is but a dream for most, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and winter is coming… But no need to panic — there’s still plenty of good things happening in Lisbon the next few days. You can check out all the said good things on our new shiny events calendar, but here are just a few worth venturing into civilization for.

Jazz musicians have always been struggling, historically speaking, but even more so now with the restrictions and money troubles brought on by COVID-19. O Jazz tem Voz! is a three-day festival that aims to give a voice to Lisbon’s jazz virtuosos, and it kicks off this Friday.

And if you’re itching for some Gypsy Jazz, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Shag, Festival Django Portugal is also hosting a bunch of jam and dance sessions around town, in Lisbon’s kiosks and gardens, every weekend until December.

For something less jazzy and more lo-fi, experimental, and ambient, check out local music legend Surma at ALFAIATARIA Bar next Thursday.

If you’re looking for something more classical and cozy in terms of music, next week see the next iteration of Lisbon’s Concertos Candlelight series, which brings you works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and more, in some of Lisbon’s most beautiful indoor spaces, and with candles.

Speaking of jazz and candlelight, drinking has become one of the most common pastimes in 2020, regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or one’s surroundings. However, if you want to feel like you’re not just getting drunk but being creative and productive while getting drunk, Curious Monkey invites you to Copos E Rabiscos, to sip, scribble, and socialize this Friday eve. Twelve bucks gets you all the materials you need, plus two drinks.

This week also sees the fifth edition of MÓ — Festival de Marionetas de Oeiras — where puppets (and the puppeteers behind them) from all over the country will keep you and your little ones entertained for five days straight, free of charge.

And check out what Lisbon’s masters of the lens have been up to in the age of Corona. TEMPS D’IMAGES 2020 is a two-month-long series of weekend solo and group photography exhibitions happening all over town. Like many things, it was postponed, canceled, and almost a thing of the past this year. But now its time has come.

After a brief hiatus during the first wave of the apocalypse, the biggest, dirtiest, classiest, and still best flea market in Lisbon, Feira da Ladra, has been back in full force in recent weeks. Go find that weird thing you had no idea you needed until you saw it, practice your Portuguese haggling skills, and support some of Lisbon’s most vulnerable vendors in these troubling times. Tuesday and Saturday, weather permitting.

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