Momentous Eventus: Planet Earth Edition

"People cannot think alike, but they must understand each other. That's what they're for." Viktor Tsoy.

We here at Atlas are uncharacteristically at a loss for words on this sad, sad morning in human history… So here are a few things happening in this corner of the planet this weekend — to maybe remind us of at least some of the beauty still left in this mad, mad world:

Feb 25
Tonight, the Gulbenkian Choir and Orchestra invite you to their second (and last) edition of Requiem de Fauré — a three-part concert that transcends two centuries of classical music from Russia to Latvia to France. Tickets start at 18€.

Feb 25-27
Lisboa Clichê is a show by veteran local photographer Daniel Blaufuks. It’s based on Daniel’s book of photographs of our beloved city from 30-40 years ago — and, therefore, has some “very different urban landscapes from those of today.” This is the last weekend to see it, and entry is 3€.

Feb 26
A Casa dos Bicos at Museu de Lisboa is a 75-minute glimpse into 500 years of history beneath the city, and it’s happening on the last Saturday of every month, including tomorrow. Entry is 3€.

Fairly new local five-piece fusion band Kamba comes to Camones CineBar this Saturday night to spread some rock, hip-hop, jazz, African and Latin rhythms, and general good vibes. Entry is 5€.

Feb 27
12th-century Alfacinhas from the Santo Antonio branch of the Lisbon Museum is a family-friendly walking tour of old Lisbon that “reveals a plural city” where Christians, Jews, and Moors have coexisted in peace for centuries. It’s happening this Sunday morning, and tickets are 5€.

Domingos no Arroz at Arroz Estúdios once again invites you and “local artisans and artists for a day in great company,” which includes live and other music, craft beer, and “homemade” food. Entry is 3€.

This Sunday eve, Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa’s Concerto de Carnaval aims “to fill the stage and the audience with the most incredible beings that inhabit Planet Music.” You can come dressed as “whatever ‘thing’ your favorite musical work reminds you of,” while they’ll “take care of the streamers and the music.” They add: “The good mood, we’ll do it together.” Tickets start at 12,50€.

Feb 28
And, finally, this Monday night, Galeria Zé dos Bois invites you to Carnaval 2022 for four hours of music by a dozen DJs, urging you to “enjoy yourself while the future is uncertain.” Entry is 3€ with a mask, or 5€ without.

Be kind to yourselves, and to each other — wherever and whoever you may be. We shall overcome, peace will prevail, and love shall conquer all. We have to keep believing it.
Otherwise, what are we for?

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