Momentous Eventus: Pre-Xmas Plexus

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is right around the corner. While you wait for the jolly fat man in the sky to spread merry and some much needed holiday cheer – granted he’s corona-free and has a permit exempting him from the latest travel and other restrictions imposed by Portugal through early 2021 – check out some pandemic-distracting stuff still happening in your part of town in our full events calendar*. Below is our “nice list” for the next week or so.


All through December, Cultura na Rua’s Natal em Lisboa is Christmas-ing it up all through the city with music, theater, art, markets, workshops, treasure hunts, games, food, drink – in a chestnut shell, all kinds of holiday fun for the whole family. And most of the events are free.


If you’re not taking any trips this holiday season due to you know what, art, photography, and sex are good ways to spend your days while waiting for the vaccine. Take me on a trip: Intimate Games is a photography and illustration exhibit by two local ladies that “proposes a dialogue between two different approaches to sexual desire and sexual liberation,” and it’s up daily until the end of the year, free of charge.


Wednesday and/or Thursday night, for something a little less Christmassy, go see and hear Stravinsky’s The Story of a Soldier by the Gulbenkian Orchestra,  a modern-day staged version (complete with ballerina) of the famous story of a soldier who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for promises of wealth and power.


Under the Ground at Cinema Såo Jorge is a film cycle that explores the concept of deep time with a series of works by modern filmmakers about Ghana, the Pacific Islands, Greece, Japan, Antarctica, North America, and the Sahara desert, seeking “to reveal central issues for a broader understanding of the earth’s profound temporality, and its critical relationship with contemporary times of economics and technology.” It’s happening Thursday, Dec. 17th, and it’s free.

Also, if you yourself happen to have recently made an independent film and would like to submit it to the 18th edition of Portugal’s biggest independent film festival, IndieLisboa 2021 is accepting submissions until Dec. 23. Good luck!


Finally, on a personal note: it is my, your loyal and humble Atlas events curator’s (fourth wall – broken), birthday this Sunday. I will be spending the first half of it eating warm pumpkin soup, selling my soul, fresh fish, and other trinkets, alongside a dozen multi-talented hippies, at Arroz Éstudios Sustainable Souls Market. Mention this post and I will cry if I want to.

*And again, we suggest you double-check with the organizers on the day of any given event, because there’s still a pandemic out there, people.
Be well, be safe, be sane.

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