Momentous Eventus: Repetitiousness Edition

“Time is a flat circle. Everything we have done or will do we will do over and over and over again—forever.” Friedrich Nietzsche (again).

Well, folks, as was, unfortunately, expected, things are getting weird here in Lisbon…again. However — as we once again plaster #FlattenTheCurve and #StayAtHome all over our social media, continue to awkwardly avoid debating the merits or lack thereof of vaccination with friends, loved ones, and strangers, stock up on toilet paper and alcohol, and mentally prepare for another possible never-ending two-week lockdown — the city is, at least for now, anddespite it all, still very much alive. For evidence of this, check out what’s still on around town, as far as we know, in our full events calendar. Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of live music (plus two Christmas markets)happening this weekend as whatever-the-new-restrictions-are start to sink in again:

Dec 3-5
The Great Lisbon Club — which is not actually a club but rather the name of a four-day music festival — ishappening in Graça, both outdoors and in, since yesterday. It features 33 projects and 100+musicians, and you can attend either for free or for 15€ a night (with a certificate or negative test), depending on where and when you choose to do so.

Whereas local spoken word artist Rodrigo Brandão’s LX LIVRE BLOCK PARTY is not actually a block party but rather a four-day album recording process that was inspired by a documentary about PJ Harvey and her latest album recording process. In it, various Brazilian and Portuguese musicians join Rodrigo nightly to improvise, write, and record his new album, with the general public invited to watch it all. You can be said general public for another three days, with tickets starting at 5€.

Dec 4
Lisbon’s Gospel Collective comes to Igreja da Graça(one of the only churches in Lisbon with an altar depicting black saints) this Saturday night to share some U.S.-in-the-times-of-slavery but also appropriate-for-the-times religious hymns of hope with you and your family, as well as a few Christmas classics. Entry is free.

Dec 4-5
The two-day Festival Repasseado Lisboa is, in its own words, “focused on promoting the richness of our country’s identity and showing how it can become an integral part of various musical genres, from rock to pop to electronica.” In a series of concerts by five very diverse local musical acts and in-between performances, the festival also invites you “to travel around Portugal, with children, with traditional Portuguese songs.” Tickets are 12-20€.

The locally revered monthly Anjos70 market — where in the last near-decade many a local project and small brand “took their first steps” — returns this weekend for their Xmas edition with a bunch of hip and not-so-hip, handmade and not-so-handmade, eco-friendly and not-so-eco-friendly, and so on and so forth goodness for the whole family to enjoy.
P.S.: Atlas Lisboa correspondents have been known to do a bit of Christmas shopping here themselves over the years, and have yet to be disappointed.

Now – Dec 19
And, finally, the outdoor Christmas Market at Rossio is pretty much like any other outdoor Christmas market — it has food, drink, holiday-and-other-themed crafts, souvenirs, a Santa or two, and a generally festive spirit… But unlike other Christmas markets, this one also has a creepy,centuries-spanning exhibition of over a hundred dolls, plus a “Christmas train,” which runs through the neighborhood of Baixa, that you and your littluns can ride free of charge. The market is on daily for the next two weeks-ish.

As before, we here at Atlas will continue to keep you updated on what the is going on (culture-wise, at least) to the best of our abilities. But, as before, it’s now again a good idea to double-check with the organizers of any given event before venturing out into the great unknown, if you so choose. Stay warm, sane, sanitized, vigilant, and kind, dear Lisbon. And keep your head up — It’s, once again, going to be a jolly f.cking Christmas…

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