Momentous Eventus: Same Boat Edition

Things are not looking up, people. When it comes to armageddon, most countries are still in the same leaking boat — save Greenland, New Zealand, Turkmenistan, North Korea (maybe), and a few others. Still, here in Lisbon, the sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. And, even though you can’t really move your dancing feet in public anymore, and, even if you could, Big Brother says you gotta be home by 23h, there’s still some cultural stuff you can do to keep your mask-donning head above water. Here’s some of it for this Friday and onwards.

July 23
This Friday night, local singer and multi-instrumentalist duo Silver&Scout are joined by improviser and saxophonist Jóse Lancestre to share songs off their debut EP.
Local legendary nonet (you’re welcome) Carapaus Afrobeat are emerging from lockdown to rock local legendary party hub Titanic Sur Mer this Friday night as well (which, by the way, is very nostalgic for those of us that were here pre-pandemic, and, therefore, a good sign).
For something a little more classical, outdoorsy, and romantic, Castelo São Jorge invites you to their weekly Sunset at the Castle series this (or any other, for the foreseeable future) Friday eve at 19h. Entry is free — you just have to pick up the tickets in person a few hours before sundown.

July 23- Aug 23
One of the more impressive group art shows of the summer is the Gulbenkian’s All I Want – Portuguese Women Artists from 1900 to 2020. Exhibiting a massive array of paintings, drawings, installations, and more, courtesy of 40 centuries-spanning, groundbreaking, and other local women, the show is free and up for another month (extension and/or lockdown pending).

July 23-Sept 6
Saudi Arabia and UAE-based and globally active independent organization Art Jameel comes to MAAT this summer to present three films about what’s been happening in and around the Arabian Gulf, in terms of man versus nature versus science, and you can check them (and the MAAT, in general) out daily, for 9€, all summer long, in theory.

July 26-Oct 2
CinExu is a weekly series of Afro-centric films, dinner, and more, hosted by the Hollywood Café in Mouraria. It’s happening every Monday eve (including this coming one) for the next two months. Entry is free but seating is limited and, therefore, priority is given to those who pay for dinner.

July 28
Later in the week, Livraria Ler Devagar welcomes cellist Guilherme Rodrigues and saxophonist Rodrigo Amado for an evening of instrumental fusion and, to use their words, a “Kafkanian conception from which, at a certain point, there is no return,” which, in turn, sounds like a splendid Wednesday night to us. Entry is free but capacity is limited.

July 29
And this coming Thursday, described by the organizers as “a serious case of the contemporary Portuguese music scene” singer-songwriter Jasmim arrives at the S.M.U.P. school in Parede as a headliner of their Micro Clima Cycle, and you’re invited to attend for 6€.

See what else is on around town for the foreseeable future here, be safe, and don’t sail too close to the wind!

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