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Momentous Eventus: Something in the Water Edition

If you ask around both locally and globally, it seems that, now that the global pandemic is old news, there’s some new bug making the rounds. And said bug is, ironically, causing people to stay at home and, well, stock up on toilet paper. If it hasn’t hit you yet — consider yourself lucky. And be careful out there, because it’s not fun. Trust us… Anyway, speaking of out there, here’s some stuff going on around Lisbon other than the nasty hip new stomach flu:

Apr 8
Tonight, Zimbabwe-bred and Lisbon-based MC Synik presents a stripped-down version of his new album A travel guide for the broken at Sirigaita, accompanied by friend/guitarist Bruno Vieira. Musically speaking, the album is one of the best things to emerge from the pandemic to date. Entry is 3-6€.

Also tonight, Tokyo-bred-and-based producer, composer, sound designer, and techno DJ Wata Igarashi makes his debut at LuxFrágil for (in their words) “a precise combination of energy and psychedelicism” until the wee hours of Saturday morning. The precise cost of entry, however, remains a mystery.

April 9
Tomorrow night, All Synths Day VS Chills and Fever at NúcleoA70 invites all you, in the words of its organizers, “cool hipshakers, fingersnappin’ popcorn, sleazy tittyshakers, and shameless buttshakers,” as well as EBM-, Techno-, Dark Disco-, Minimal- and DarkWave heads to untz-untz-untz and/or rock out until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Entry is 5-7€ (with an old-school free beer).

Apr 14
And then this coming Thursday, the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra at the CCB invites you to Concerto da Paixão where you will hear some Haydn, Martins, and Brahms in a holiday concert that, in the words of its organizers, is “undoubtedly an introspective moment of internal spiritual experience.” Tickets start at 17,50€ (with no free beer).

Now through May 29
Coleção de Maria Eugénia and Francisco Garcia at MNAC is a group art exhibit of nearly 60 paintings, drawings, and engravings by renowned Portuguese (and other) artists from the last century. The collection was donated to the museum by the two collectors in the exhibit’s title over the years. Tickets are 4,50€ (and include museum entry).

Now through Aug 22
Meanwhile, 21 artists of colonial and post-colonial African backgrounds come together in the exhibition Europa Oxalá at the Gulbenkian this summer. According to the organizers, their works “feed into an original reflection on racism, the decolonization of the arts, the status of women in contemporary society, and even the deconstruction of colonial thought.” Tickets are 5€.

Now through Sept 4
The Young New at the CCB’s Garagem Sul brings together five young, new architecture studios from around Portugal to “show us a quality and variety of proposals to transform the places we inhabit” and, “above all, construct a portrait of today’s concerns, objectives, and work processes – naturally different from the other architects and architecture that preceded our time.” Entry is 6€.

Tickets for May 10
And, finally, at a time when the world needs some wind of change most, the Scorpions — yes, the f.cking Scorpions — are coming to Lisbon this May to celebrate 50+ years of peace, love, and general badassery with you and yours. Tickets (which are only 35-60€!) are going fast.

See what else is on around town now and in the foreseeable future in our Whats’ On section.
Be safe, be well, be kind, and wash your hands yo.

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