Momentous Eventus: State of Slightly Lesser Emergency Edition

Tuesday, March 16 marks exactly one trip around the sun since the first lockdown for Lisbon. Feels like a lot longer, right?! But don’t worry, the current, both two-week-long and yet decades-spanning state of emergency is finally over on Monday, March 15! The next, new and improved state of emergency, as per custom, begins on Wednesday, March 17th, but don’t think about that. At least, as of Monday, you can go get your hair cut, your nails did, browse a bookshop or a library, stroll through a park, and finally send your little rugrats back to school — that is, if they (and/or you) haven’t deteriorated to the level of dumb beasts yet.

Other than that, there’s still not much happening around town, save the now mundane mass psychosis, aimless wandering, and critical-level existential dread of the populace. But here’s some stuff happening online, near and far, during Portugal’s iffy transition into whatever the they call whatever the is going on next.


One of the world’s coolest museums, Madrid’s Reina Sofia, invites you for a free two-hour virtual visit (with prior registration) this coming Wednesday night to get up close and sort of personal with the likes of Picasso, Dali, Miro, and more.


If you were in London a few months ago, you were probably in quarantine. Or maybe you were lucky enough to wander along the Thames, with an app, looking at dozens of sculptures that weren’t really there. This was courtesy of Unreal City, an augmented reality art exhibit that you can still see a video version of today for free.


The Wall Street Journal invites you to explore Berlin — Europe’s leading authority on all things hip — day and night, from anywhere on the planet, through “films, food, music, and, naturally, beer” (and a subscription to the Wall Street Journal).


The Gulbenkian Orchestra presents Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, streaming live and free of charge on Tue, Mar.16, at 19h. And that’s pretty cool.


Here are the questions this 10€, two-hour weekly workshop by some of Lisbon’s musical finest aims to answer: “Would you like to access the secrets behind Gypsy Jazz playing? What is Django Reinhardt thinking when he’s improvising? What’s the theory and the harmony behind it? How can we take those ideas into our own solos?” In theory, it’s happening for the next three Saturdays (Mar. 13, 20, 27) at 15h, with prior registration.


Ok, so, in all honesty, we are very, very confused by this one, but also intrigued. Anyway, it’s called Space Law Moot Court Competition, it’s happening Wed, Mar. 12, at 10h, and you need to register for it before then if you want to participate.


And, finally, other, older Lisbon staple for what’s happening around town, Culturgest, much like us, and for obvious reasons, has mostly gone 2D in recent decades. Their new online library invites you to ‘dive into the past and the future,’ with 27 years of the organization’s history, as well as plenty of upcoming cultural goodies for you to digest.

See our full calendar of events for more stuff to do virtually and indefinitely, and keep it together. Remember: this is a state of emergency, people. Or something.
Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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