Momentous Eventus: Swooning June Edition

"That's life (that's life), that's what all the people say. You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May. But I know I'm gonna change that tune. When I'm back on top, back on top in June."

That’s life. That’s what Frank Sinatra, who, among other things, has an asteroid named after him, said. And Portugal, which, among other things, has a minor planet named after it, definitely seems to be back on top in June too. The jacarandas are blooming, vaccines are ballooning, some business is booming, the British are grooving, communing, consuming, and the fake drug dealers are, therefore, both looming and swooning. Also, events are resuming, and not only on zoom, and, and… Okay, okay. Here’s some cultural stuff for your viewing in Lisbon for this weekend and onwards. Presumingly…


If you want to avoid the fake dealers and the resuming hustle and bustle of weekend downtown, put on your fancy dress and check out some local classical music maestros interpreting Haydn and Prokofiev in Belém this Friday and/or Saturday night for 18€.


The last year has felt like a descent into the seven circles of hell for many (including the afore-mentioned fake dealers). Dante plus 700 at Museu dos Coches is a multimedia, multi-artist outdoor exhibit (complete with app) celebrating the life and work of the visionary Italian, who died 700 years ago, and it’s on display daily, also in Belém, for free, until the end of the year if all goes well.

GARDEN LIGHT SHOW (May 28 to Jun3):

There are plenty of ways to unplug from the new normal around town other than fake hash and virtual football. For example, Magical Garden Belém is a not-to-be-missed lighting spectacular for the whole family — complete with peacocks, dinosaurs, and Japan — and, for its final week, entry is only 10€.


Another good way to unplug is to visit some of the city’s other most beautiful — albeit dinosaur-free — gardens, and Jardins Abertos 2021 offers you just that, free of charge, but only for two more days.


Back in the center, Luiz Vaz 73 is a multimedia musical performance celebrating the centenary of Lisbon-native, visionary, artist, filmmaker, essayist, and other Ernesto de Sousa, as well his work’s induction into the Gulbenkian‘s permanent collection two years ago. You can see and hear that for 10€ on Wednesday night.


All I Want – Portuguese Women Artists from 1900 to 2020 is a somewhat self-explanatory exhibit featuring paintings, sculptures, drawings, objects, books, installations, film, and video, spanning the last 120 years, by 40 local ladies, and you can check that out for 10€ too, also starting next Wednesday but on view all summer long, in theory.


And, finally, the pandemic had obviously cancelled the city’s biggest annual music festivals in 2020. Some of them are still playing it safe, on hold until 2022, but — if the weather and the hoards of tourists don’t bring with them a fifth (or whatever) wave of you know what and, therefore, the gazillionth customary lockdown — Super Bock Super Rock (Jul 16-18) and LISB-ON (Sept3-5) are, as of now, good to go, with tickets for the former already on sale. Let’s hope for the best…

You can see our full events calendar for what else to do, but check with the organizers beforehand too.
The pandemic is pending, so stay tuned for more news.
And stay safe, resolute, and have a good June.


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