Momentous Eventus: The Heat is On Edition

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

It’s Friday the 13th, and, whether or not you believe in that sort of thing, or climate change for that matter, things are about to get hotter than hell here on the Iberian peninsula. Fortunately, there are still a few ways to keep your cool around Lisbon in the coming days, culture-wise. Here are a few:

Aug 13
Brazilian-born-and-raised and now Lisbon-based MC Muleca XIII is joined by Portuguese-bred DJ Camboja Selecta in cool, semi-underground cultural association BOTA this Friday night. Together, they will be spitting some dope rhymes and spinning some reggae, hip-hop, dub, funk, and other, for your listening pleasure, and entry is 5€.

Aug 13 – Sept 5
Lisbon’s 2000-year-old Roman theater hosts an exhibit of props and costumes used in two Greek plays staged there in the before time (2019-2020), and you can enjoy this modern ‘recreation of the myth’ for the next three weeks for 3€.

Aug 14
On Saturday night, Casa do Capitao invites Omnichord Records for a modern interpretation of a 94-year-old film by three big names in the local music scene, and you can attend for 6€.

Aug 15 – Oct 31
Every Sunday through Halloween, including this coming one, 13-year-old Danish-born cider company and drink of choice for many young people in Portugal Somersby teams up with dozens of local musicians to bring you OutJazz 2021 – a weekly series of open-air concerts of the jazz, funk, hip-hop, and soul variety, in some of the city’s nicest gardens, and tickets start at 3€.

Aug 16-17
And on Monday and Tuesday nights, Arroz Estudios welcomes Black Cat Cinema Lisbon for some open-air entertainment with the cinemtaic classics Joker and Cinema Paradisio, respectively. Tickets are 6,50-9,50€ (and you’ll actually need a sweater for this one… trust us).

You can also check out an esplanada concert by legends Carapaus Afrobeat on Aug 19.

Or experience one of the most promising bands to emerge from the eternal lockdown here in Lisbon on Aug 20.

Or sign up for a free salsa+samba+African+Bollywood dance class on Aug 22.

Or start prepping for the country’s biggest horror film festival, which hits town in September.

And you can browse our full calendar of events for more cultural goings-on around town while the world as we know it burns. And, no matter what tomorrow brings, remember to keep going, stay sanitized, stay sane, stay hydrated, and stay cool yo.

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