Momentous Eventus: Unmasking Midnight Edition

"Are you not aware that there comes a midnight hour when everyone must unmask?" Soren Kierkegaard.

And unmasking Lisbon is, friends! As the days get shorter, restaurants, bars, and clubs all over the city are mostly back to full capacity, not requiring masks, certificates, or social distancing from patrons, and staying open well past midnight too! In other words, the never-ending two-week lockdown that was early 2021 is starting to feel like a distant fever dream. And so, our full calendar of what’s on has plenty of stuff to do before and after sundown for the foreseeable future (with or without your mask); meanwhile, here’s some of what’s happening around town for the next few days, nights, and madrugadas that caught our eye:

Oct 15-18
This Friday eve, Prisma Éstudio presents Lounge Erotic — a four-day group exhibition by four local artists accompanied by live music, performances, and DJs. The exhibit aims, according to the hosts, to “bring contemporary eroticism and sexuality to life, break taboos and prejudices, take advantage of the contrast between subtlety and roughness, and open your mind and sexuality.” Oh, and there’s pizza. Entry is free with prior RSVP.

Oct 15-Nov 15
Local artist Tiago Baptista’s new solo show Febre, like Tiago himself, is inspired by comics, illustration, the history of Western painting, and the navigation of the internet and digital platforms. It seeks to “create new meanings where not always these dialectical processes end but, rather, open discussion.” Febre is on view for the next month, daily except Sundays, for 3€.

Oct 15-Nov 25
 Did you know that what has been called “the most important open-air Palaeolithic rock art siteon the Iberian Peninsula” and is home to thousands of animal figure carvings dating back several millennia is right here in Portugal? Yep. And, what’s more, local cartoon legend Luís Afonso has a solo show about it. Entry is free.

Oct 16
Earlier this year, after 28 years of futuristic funk, millions around the world said goodbye to a legendary musical duo. This Saturday night, however, you can get lucky one more time asConcertos Candlelight pays tribute to the one and only Daft Punk. Tickets are 25-35€.

Oct 17-18
While Daft Punk may have hung up their robot masks, international DJs of every variety are embracing the lifting of restrictions and continuing to make some noise locally. For example, this Sunday night Nada Temple invites you to Noise #3 where you can experience ten hours of back-to-back funk courtesy of six DJs — including two from Spain and one from Italy — for 12,50-15€.

Oct 18Dec 27
And as said restrictions slip further away into the past, nightly jam sessions are slowly returning to Lisbon too, for better or worse. One of the better ones though is Jazz Jam at Titanic Sur Mer, happening every Monday night for the rest of the year, and entry is free.

And, finally, this is the last weekend to check out an exhibit about masks and an exhibit about Saint Anthony in tiles at Museu de Lisboa. Both are included in the museum ticket price (3€), and both go down this Sunday.

Charles Bukowski once said, “the trouble with a mask is it never changes.” So unmask away, dear Lisbon, be safe, and change if you so choose.

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