Most Freelancers on ‘Recibos Verdes’ Get the Perk of Automatic IRS

Taxes aren't fun, but they will be easier to do this year for freelancers in Portugal (unless you're an alojamento local business).

The dreaded yearly tax season is looming over us, but there’s some good news for freelancers in Portugal this year. Filling in your IRS tax return for 2020 will be easier this year: Portuguese authorities have approved “automatic IRS” for those of us who bill for our work through green receipts (recibos verdes), Idealista reports.  

This essentially means that your earnings will be automatically filled in when you go to your Finanças portal to file your 2020 IRS. This automated service has been offered to people who have work contracts and file their earnings under category A for some years now, but earnings that fall under category B (green receipts) used to be manually inserted. 

However, the service only covers freelancers who work under what the state classifies as regime simplificado, issue green receipts online via the Portal das Finanças, and operate under one of the services that is listed in the Artigo 151.º Código do IRS, which is the technical term for the profession code under which you register when you initiate activity as a freelancer at Finanças. For a full list of CIRS codes, look here

Those who operate under the category “Outros prestadores de serviços,” which includes income from Holiday Rental (Alojamento Local), are excluded from this automated service. Now that we’re on the topic of taxes, don’t forget that you have until the 25th of this month to validate all your e-faturas at, in order to be able to count them towards certain tax deductions on your 2020 IRS.

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