Museu da Água

One of the city's best, and yet least-celebrated museums

One of the city’s best, and yet least-celebrated museums

Rua Alviela, 12
+351 218 100 215, website
Tue – Sat, 10h – 17h30

This isn’t high on most visitors’ lists, but it should be. Although Museu da Água is small, it’s a great glimpse into the history of getting water into Lisbon — from Roman aqueducts to steam-pumped pipes. Learn about the city’s original fountains, where to find them, and how CML had a fetish for steampunk. It’s a couple of hours well-spent, rich with fascinating information, maps, plans, and historical context. You can easily lose an hour in the first room alone if you decide to geek out…which you will. But the machine room is the one you should save your photos, or your event space ideas for. It’s spectacular with a side of steampunk.

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