New Portuguese visa for foreigners requires reinforcement of professionals at SEF | Idealista (PT)

Professionals in Portugal's catering and hospitality sectors, who've been hit by a shortage of labor, are calling on the government to ensure the new work visa scheme is accompanied by better resources.

“The Government is evaluating the reinforcement of human resources at consular posts, at the SEF and Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional to expedite visas for foreigners,” according to Idealista…READ MORE

Related: Portuguese government expedites entry visa process, introduces new visa for seeking work | Renascença (PT) (June 2022)

Investor takes SEF to court and wins over delays in Portuguese golden visas | Idealista (PT) (August 2022)

Thousands of immigrants with suspended lives waiting for SEF | Jornal de Notícias (PT) (June 2022)

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