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RIP – Nogueira’s Fire Food

Updated July 2020: Due to a fire (and COVID-19) this restaurant is closed. Sound fishy to you too?

Want to use a cloth napkin over a shared pizza? Check it out.

Avenida 24 de Julho, 68F
+351 915 181 515
Mon – Thu, 12h15 – 15h, 20h – 23h; Fri – Sat, 12h15 – 15h, 20h – 24h; Sun, 12h15 – 15h

For a top-notch brick-oven pizza and cloth napkins, check out Nogueira’s. The menu somehow caters to several different budgets and is therefore popular with groups, both the ones getting off work from nearby corporate offices and for the children of the night heading out to the clubs right next door. If you like a nicely-charred crust and a decently-priced Douro, it’s worth the generic restaurant chain environment complete with Muzak and occasionally overzealous waiters (they mean well).

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