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NOS Alive, MEO Mares Vivas Moved to 2022

Two more large festivals are postponing their dates for a second time due to Covid – but SBSR and LISB-ON are still planning to make it happen.

Organizers of two more iconic Portuguese festivals have given up on the idea of running them this year despite the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and the country’s drive to vaccinate the whole population.

One of the country’s most popular, oldest, and biggest festivals, NOS Alive — which was postponed in 2020 for this summer — was postponed for a second time on Thursday. The next edition will now take place next year, July 6 to 9, 2022, according to the festival’s organizers, Everything Is New. 

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Tickets from NOS Alive ’20 and ’21 are valid for next year without the need for exchanging them, the organizers say. And they’ll even issue a refund if you like, provided you request one within 14 days from the date of the ticket. You can also get a voucher you can use for any other Everything Is New show until Dec. 31, 2022 — see the schedule here.

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On Tuesday, the people behind MEO Mares Vivas — which also postponed the 2020 edition to this year — likewise threw in the towel, moving its three-day festival to June 16 to 18, 2022. Using last year’s or this year’s tickets is ok, as is getting a refund for those who had 2020 tickets — but those who have the 2021 tickets can’t get a refund, according to the organizers. 

That still leaves Super Rock Super Bock and LISB-ON, however, which in our experience always deliver. We have more information, including about past festivals as well as this year’s lineups, for both SBSR, happening July 16-18, and LISB-ON, rolling in Sept. 3 to 5. 

For an idea of what all these festivals usually bring, read Atlas’ guide to Portugal’s Music Festivals.

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