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O Recanto

Delicious traditional Portuguese food served as it should be

Rua da Praia do Bom Sucesso, 24

213 012 776, website
Mon – Fri, 11h30 – 16h; Sun, 11h30 – 16h

Belém isn’t necessarily known for its authentic Portuguese food as many restaurants cater to the hoards of tourists that come to the area, but this lunch spot stands out as one of the few that has maintained its family-owned feel and recipes. Each dish tastes as if it came from grandma’s kitchen and is presented with expert care. We had the lamb chops and grilled octopus, both of which weren’t over-done with garlic or oil, which is often the case with traditional restaurant fare. The balance of texture and flavor was expertly executed inside this charming arched restaurant hidden on a back street, a short (and worthwhile) walk away from the main drag toward Algés. Stay for the cheesecake if you still have room, or bring a third person along for the perfect two-plate-two-dessert split.

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