Old Lisbon in Photographs

Lisbon is undergoing some major repairs — remember, it's an old city. See what it was like throughout the decades with our little timewarp slideshow.

We’re in the midst of a construction boom. It seems as if every street has a crane, some scaffolding, or at least someone hammering loudly for whatever reason. If we didn’t know better, we’d say it’s just people fixing up their property now that Portugal is coming out of its economic slump, but it’s likely the property itself has traded hands and someone is putting up a short-term rental or simply outfitting the home they intend to use for their retirement.

Whatever the reason, Lisbon is undergoing some necessary repairs — you’ve got to remember, it’s an old city. See what it was like throughout the decades with our little timewarp slideshow. Does anything strike you as familiar?

All photos sourced from open source archives. Any information regarding photographer attributions are welcome.

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