Oriente Museum

Ceramics, armor, and artifacts from the Far East that tell a damn fine story

-5 years: Free, 6-12 years: €2, Adults: €6, +65 years: € 3.50, Students: € 2.50 Free admission every Friday from 18h – 22h
Av. Brasília Doca de Alcântara Norte
213 585 200, website
Tue – Sun, 10h – 18h

Who knew that Portugal is to blame for the British addiction to tea? You’ll find out what else Portugal’s ages of exploration brought to the rest of the world, why the Japanese say arigato, and how it makes sense that today everyone’s hooked on sushi. Worth a visit, especially for brunch on the rooftop (which used to be on the weekend, now is sort of sporadic, be warned). Don’t expect sushi or a Chinese buffet, because you’ll be disappointed. This cafe with a view serves smoked salmon salads, croquettes, and various pasta dishes. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s not a bad deal.

Guided tours until the end of 2018 can be found here if that’s your thing.


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