Parque das Nações

A skate park, picnic areas, bars, restaurants, bike paths, and more

A skate park, picnic areas, bars, restaurants, bike paths, and more

Parque das Nações
Always open

This modern park spans 5km alongside the Tejo and is comprised of green spaces with a modern twist, since it was built for the ’98 Expo. Start at the Ocenarium, home to the world’s cutest pair of otters and the world’s ugliest sunfish who we like to call “Bob”, who shares the giant salt-water tank with sharks, stingrays, and a host of other sea creatures. Get out of the park for a peak at the Estacão Oriente, the beautiful ultra-modern train station designed by Santiago Calatrava. Along the river-walk, there’s plenty to eat, see, and do. Ride the sky-lift, rent a bike, learn to windsurf, or just read a book. The park is a network of smaller gardens and activity spaces, and leads you toward the Vasco da Gama Bridge. There are lawn chess games, semi-pros doing amazing tricks in the skate park, and long winding bike paths connecting it all.

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