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Paula Rego, ground-breaking Portuguese artist who championed women’s rights, dead at 87 | Reuters

Rego has been living in London since 1976 but has always remained an integral part of the Portuguese art scene. Read her obituary on Reuters, and see Atlas correspondent Aleksandra Stokowiec’s biography of Rego here:

The Mischievous Storyteller: Paula Rego

Also: These women are not victims’ – Paula Rego’s extraordinary Abortion series | The Guardian

And: Reactions to Paula Rego’s death: Marcelo speaks of “national loss” | Público (PT)

As well as: Paula Rego (1935-2022): Portugal owes the artist one of the best representations ever at the Venice Biennale | Observador (PT)

And finally: Government decrees a day of national mourning for the death of Paula Rego | TSF (PT)

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