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Pho Pu

The best Chinese-made Vietnamese pho in town

Rua do Benformoso, 76
+351 211 307 473, website
Mon – Sat, 11h – 16h, 18h – 23h

The menu is simple: dumplings and pho. The delicate pho broth is well done even if it isn’t being made by Vietnamese chefs, and the thinly-sliced meat topping mixed with fresh basil and cilantro gives a fresh taste to a hot soup over rice noodles. Salt it up with the fish sauce on the table, throw in some fresh bean sprouts, spice it up with the red Sriracha sauce, or opt to go super-hot with the small slices of chili pepper on your plate, but wash your hands if you touch them. Twice. It’s generally pretty packed for both lunch and dinner, but wait around a bit if you haven’t thought to call before to reserve, and you’ll find a place pertty quickly. While you wait, take a Tsing-tao beer outside, or ask them to go ahead and uncork a bottle of wine to keep you company.

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