Pizzaria Mezzogiorno

Certainly not the best food at the best price, but their Aperol Spritz is proven to alleviate shopping fatigue.


Rua Garrett 19 – Galerias Páteo Garrett, lojas C, D, | 213 421 500 | 1200-203 Lisboa | website

Daily, 12h – 23h

Walk through the archway lined with greenery and flowers for sale and enter a cove off of Rua Garrett that separates you from the overwhelming world of retail. Several restaurants line the charming patio, each with their own vibe, however, Atlas has found that this spot trumps them all in terms of design and comfort. These tidy tables and comfy cushioned seats are an ideal spot for families, friends, or couples to relax and catch their breath after pounding the pavement.

If you have dietary limitations, the bruschetta is a good snack to start with, but don’t hold high expectations outside of tomato season. We typically opt for the carpaccio plate to go along with our Aperol Spritz and/or Margarita cocktails, which seems to do the trick and keep things relatively cheap for that particular neighborhood. If you’re hungry, there are plenty of pasta, pizza, and risotto dishes to choose from, and each is fairly customizable if you’re feeling particularly persnickety.  

Again, this isn’t the place to go for culinary perfection — and as my partner complained, what kind of Italian restaurant fails to offer a negroni on the menu and, even worse, can’t prepare it if asked? —  but if you’re tired of buskers and beggers interrupting an otherwise lovely cafe experience at the renowned Café Brasileira nearby, and are just over trying to find your size of shoes or jeans in the shops, this is the place to duck out of the crowd and into a little peace and quiet.




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