So something happened and you can’t go meet your tour guide or you can’t go meet your client. We understand that things happen, but we also know it’s best to spell out the what ifs just in case so we’re all on the same page.

If you’re a tour taker:

The tourist picks the available date and time and pays for the tour. The tourist can still cancel at any time for a full refund minus a 2€ cancellation fee. If the tourist cancels less than 24 hours in advance, they forfeit the price paid and will not be refunded.

If you’re a tour guide:

For tours by appointment, the tour taker must pay to use the appointment booking service, so the tour guide MUST accept the tour and be at the designated meeting point on time.
If there is an emergency and the tour guide must cancel the tour, the money is refunded to the tourist immediately, sending them a notice of the cancellation. The tour guide will not receive anything, only one strike on his or her record.

Three strikes and you’re out.

Please, remember to be polite and send a personal message to the tourist with your apologies.


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