Pollux Terrace

Still the best-kept secret view in town

Rua dos Fanqueiros, 276
+351 218 811 200, website
Mon – Sat, 10h – 19h; Sun, closed

The fake flowers are gone, as are the plastic chairs that made up for the chabby chic charm of Pollux’s unnamed rooftop terrace. Welcome Pollux Terrace: cushy chairs, real wood coffee tables, a fancy bar, peanuts with your imperial, and, now, table service. It seems that  it’s trying to be another fancy terrace with a fancy chef attached to it, but the jury is still out on how that will go. But for a quick secret getaway from the crowds and a drink with a view, the eighth floor of Lisbon’s first shopping mall is still the place to go. Just don’t tell too many people.


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