RIP – Polvo Vadio

A tiny restaurant specializing in octopus, gin, rum, and craft beer

R. Afonso Sanches 47
+351 214 830 968, website
Daily, 12h – 22h

Everything served at Polvo Vadio is done with the utmost care at a fair price, but remember before you go that it’s cash only. The quality of the food and service is excellent and the atmosphere is comfortable, with a vibrant indoor dining room, though most patrons opt for the outdoor seating in the calçada once the sun goes down. The restaurant offers main dishes for seafood lovers, vegan options, and tapas-sized plates for tasting and sharing. It focuses mostly on our eight-tentacled friends, but it does have a couple of meat and bacalhau dishes if that’s more your thing. For us, the name says it all: polvo (octopus) is the way to go.


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